How To Increase Jio Speed 2023

How To Increase Jio Speed 2023 If you are suffering from slow Jio internet speed then you have to must read this article after reading this article I have guaranteed your The slow internet issue will be fixed in this article.

What’s more annoying than using a 4G connection but slow internet Jio speed Nothing is more annoying when you watch an online video, and it suddenly starts to buffer.

Or you browse social media and the images don’t even load When Jio was first launched in 2016, it was said to be one of the fastest online services in India. People stood in line for many hours to get one Jio-sim. But it was worth it, at least then.

When 1GB of data costs about 250 ₹, and we download plans, we are insanely expensive; Jio arrived charms and gave months of free data, free talk time and complimentary ext messages.

It forced other service providers to reduce their data plans, and here we are today when 1.5GB of data costs less than 5! Surprising, isn’t it?

best ways to fix slow internet ? In Your Location

According to Wikipedia and other verified sources, about 370 million (370,000,000) people use Jio today.
Let us now dive into the main question.

While it depends on the location and many factors like how far you are from Jion’s domain, your mobile phone configuration, etc. Listed below are ten possible tricks to increase the speed of the join. Read the
entire message, complete the necessary steps, and at the end of the message, you may get the highest possible network speed in your area.

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How To boost your Jio Speed By Changing APN

The first method talks about increasing the speed of the Join network by changing the default APN.

  • Step:
  • Go to the phone setup option
  • click on network settings
  • Go to jio sim settings
  • Click the Jio sim base station name or APN settings
  • Click Create New APN Settings and enter the next APN as described below
  • APN settings to increase Jio network speed:
  • APN: Jionet
  • Type: Default
  • Proxy: Not specified
  • Password: Not specified
  • Server:
  • MMSC: Not set
  • MMS port: Not set
  • My Client Center: 450
  • MNC: 840
  • Authentication type: Not specified
  • APN protocol: IPv4 / IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4 / IPv6

After applying the following settings, the Jio 4g speed can increase up to 20 Mbit / s or even more.

How to spped up Jio Phone 4G speed and bandwidth

A band is a network frequency on which a network service provider provides connections to its users. Different network operators use different frequencies. Jio offers 4G frequencies on frequencies 3, 5 and 40.
This should give you a short brief idea of

how the band works:

Best coverage: Band 5> Band 3> Band 40 Best speed: Band 40> Band 3> Band 5

  • Step:
  • Open the phone and dial * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • Select the Phone Information option
  • Click Set the desired network type
  • Select LTE only
Steps to increase Jio network speed for Qualcomm processor

First, install the Shortcut Master (Lite) app from the Play Store After installation, go to the menu and then click on the search option Go to “Service Menu” or “Planning Mode” and click search

Open if found, and you can change the LTE frequencies Steps to increase Jio network speed for your MediaTek processor:

First, you need to install MTK Engineering Mode from the game store Run the application after installation

  • Go to MTK settings
  • Then select “BandMode.”
  • Select the SIM slot where the Jio sim is inserted
  • Select LTE mode
  • Now choose Band 5 for the best coverage and Band 40 for the best Jio speed
  • Save the settings and restart the device to activate the changes