All the orc dialogue Written by Dan Abnett in both Mordor games and has never recovered

the orc dialogue Written by Dan Abnett in both Mordor games and has never

Best-selling 40K author Dan Abnett has been announced for Fatshark’s upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. However, the author is not writing a video game for the first time. He co-wrote Alien: Isolation and was responsible for writing the orcs, and only the orcs, to both countries of Middle-earth: the shadow of Mordor and its sequel, the shadow of war.

“Both games were played specifically to write dialogue and create these characters,” he recalls. “I don’t remember, I think there were 60 [countries] around it for the first time, more for the second time.” Thanks to the Nemesis system, each painter remembers what happened in your previous meeting and would receive customized answers created by Abnett from the beginning that fit their personality. “I have to say that once you’ve passed about 30 countries, you’re really trying to think,‘ What could be a different planet? How can I do this differently? “But it was fun.”

I have fond memories of a country that pretended to be sarcastically caring about my health when we met, saying, for example, “You look sick! Do you need a cup of broth before I cut your throat?” And the one who started the fight by saying, “There are no feathers in the threats! They don’t fly.” It’s a hell of a thing to hear before the battle of death. I had to think about it for a while, and it immediately threw me out of my game. The fact that they say all these things with a Cockney accent only makes them more memorable.

“I made the decision, not me, but I decided to make everyone sound like Cockney’s gangster Ray Winston movies,” Abnett says. “So I ended up telling myself all the lines with Bob Hoskins’ voice, which is great because it made the whole process very efficient. I was very good at doing it. I could get a surprising number of lines. But I get until the end of the day and I can’t stop TALCINIA with you?” Michael Caine in The Italian Job. “My wife stepped in and said what do you want for dinner?” DUNNO, LUV! “”


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One might think that someone who has spent a few decade’s books on the gloomy Warhammer 40,000 universe would be immune to rubbing his works on him, but because of Abnett’s ability to slip into smooth Cockney has to this day shown that Mordor’s orthography had a lasting effect.

“It was weird,” he says. “I usually try to spread out jobs and mix them up so you don’t stay somewhere too long. But it was almost like some kind of weird indoctrination I never recovered from.”