Minecraft Tick Speed Command (How I Change) 2023

Minecraft Tick Speed Command (How I Change) 2023

Minecraft Tick Speed Command

Minecraft Tick Speed Command must first be configured to explain random tick speed.

Minecraft ticks are basically be explained as one episode of a game algorithm. Most computer games and software work in loops, and Minecraft has a set speed for loop speed. These ticks produce the world in real-time. Here you can check the speed in Minecraft: a guide to change!

What is generally Minecraft Tick?

Minecraft also has a known called “random ticks” that affect things considered “random,” such as plant growth, leaf decay, and fire spread. The random tick speed is three by default in Java mode and one in Bedrock.

Don’t do it
What does the random Tick Speed ​​command do?

Players should know that this command is not confusing!

The RandomTickSpeed ​​command increases the number of random ticks per block. Here is a video that explains it inside the game.

Once again, randomTickSpeed ​​is three by default, so if players choose to change it to 18, tree decay, fire spread, and plant growth rate will increase by about six times.

The player tries to set Minecraft Tick Speed Command ​​to 900,000. This would result in the Minecraft client not being able to play altogether.

Dots also work based on computer specifications, and some Minecraft customers may not be able to operate immediately at the default screen speed, so fans can only imagine it round up to 300,000 times more than average!

Why change the random tick speed in Minecraft?

Should not have changed the tick speed (photo via Reddit u / megamichiel)

Here are some reasons why players may want to change the random tick speed:

  • First, they don’t want to expect crop growth.
  • They want to burn the forest quickly.
  • They want the grass to spread faster.
  • They want turtle eggs to hatch faster.
  • They want the fungi to spread faster.

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Players must seriously examine their area to ensure that a forest fire does not return to their base. They would have no chance of trying to stop it if they have increased their random tick speeds too much!

If players have no fear of “cheating” to speed up the game, it’s clear that using the random Tick Speed ​​command can be pretty helpful.