Thousands Signal To Ban Jeff Bezos From Returning To Earth

Signal To Ban Jeff Bezos From Returning To Earth

A signal to ban Jeff Bezos From Returning To Earth to his space flight next month has already garnered thousands of signatures online.

After EDT on Wednesday afternoon, the Jeff Bezos Space Flight Petition petition had received more than 10,000 signatures since its publication last week. A petition to Blue Origin, a commercial space company in Bezos, states that “the fate of humanity is in your hands.”

Earlier this month, Bezos announced on Instagram that it would start touring Blue Origin in New Shepard on July 20 with its brother Mark and two mystery auction winners – the first of whom won a whopping $ 28 million last week. Auction proceeds, excluding 6 per cent auction fees, will go toward the Blue Origin STEM Training Foundation Future Club.

jeff bezos space flight petition

Ascending from the wilderness in West Texas, an autonomous rocket pushes four passengers across a line that defines the boundary between the Earth and space. But petition organizer Jose Ortiz wants to extend Bezos’ space journey indefinitely.

Some of the petitioners have also suggested that Bezos take Tesla’s Elon Musk and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on the trip.


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“This may be our last chance before they enable 5G microchips and make a mass offer,” the petition jokes.

Meanwhile, another online petition wants Bezos to buy Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lis and eat it.

In other space news, NASA is planning its first visit to the dark side of the moon.