How To Install Window 11 Best Way 2023

How To Install Window 11 Best Way 2023

How To Install Window 11

  • Sign up for Windows Insider
  • Check your computer’s minimum requirements for Window 11
  • Enable TPM 2.0 through the BIOS
  • Download Windows 10 through the ISO Media Creation Tool
  • Install Windows 10 on a Digg drive/partition
  • Enable the Windows Insider Program Dev Channel
  • Download Windows 11 through Windows Update
  • Enjoy the buggy and low preview of Windows 11 is here and more than just because of its name, as insiders are promised preview buildings for the new Microsoft operating system. But who are these are mysterious Windows insiders, and how can we join their famous ranks?

Basically, they are you and me. Enthusiastic technical junkies are happy to suffer from early code errors and arrows. And all you have to do is put Microsoft in your heart. And PC. Especially your computer.

Signing up for Windows Insider is a simple way to sign up for the same Microsoft account that you use to sign in to Windows and let Microsoft collect diagnostic information from your computer. When it’s done, you can select a channel and access the first public building in Windows 11.

How can you safely do it without compromising your current gaming device and all the valuable savings, images, and gaming world in it? Early preview builds are incomplete and buggy, but there are ways to safely check the future of Windows.

Install Window 11 Easily

The first Windows 11 Insider preview structure (22000.51) is ready to download from the Insider Dev channel and provides the first view of the new Start menu, centralized taskbar, rounded windows, and soothing Sound Effects. Yes, Microsoft has moved to ASMR.

The author has also appeared as one of the new Windows 11 Gaming features, although it has also been floating around Insider’s Windows 10 buildings for some time, while Microsoft supports it.

How can I become a Windows Insider?

The first step is to log in with your Microsoft account (which can only be your Hotmail / Outlook account) on the Windows Insider home page and click the big blue Register button.

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Then all you have to accept the terms and click the Submit button, and you are there.

Once you have set yourself as one of your chosen insiders, you can immediately go to the Windows Insider settings screen in Windows 10 preferences. You might need to enable optional diagnostic information to continue here if you were initially disabled.

Then you need to select either the Dev channel, the beta channel or the publication preview channel. These are mainly classified as the most published bugs – Windows 11 hits the Dev channel right now. Microsoft describes the different channels as follows:

If you want to get the first new updates and handle some issues and bugs, you might want to try the Dev channel. If you want more reliable updates but want to give us impressive feedback, you might try the beta channel. Or, if you want something very stable, you can try the latest version of Windows, but with the critical features of the continuous advanced quality updates and release preview channel.

How To Install Windows 11 TPM 2.0

You also want to check the system configuration with the minimum requirements for Windows 11. Now, it’s easier said than done after Microsoft has taken a computer health check that did it automatically, but on virtually any computer in the last four years. Are valid.

There are CPU compatibility lists, but Microsoft seems to be as confused as we are about which ones really work with the latest structures, so you might have to try it if you have an older processor.

The main hurdle is Windows 11’s requirement for TPM 2.0 support, although so far, we only require a trip to the BIOS. You need to check how it is done yourself as it varies between manufacturers. Some label it a TPM 2.0 installation option, while I found my Asus ROG Z490 to call it PTT (Intel’s own Platform Trust Technology that includes TPM 2.0).

How do I install Windows 11?

Anyway, once this is enabled at the BIOS level, you should install Windows 11 Insider Preview. And once you’ve enabled the Windows Insider check box in the Settings menu, all you have to do is go to Updates and give it a check; Windows 11 Insider Preview will magically appear, start downloading and then install.