How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat | Snapchat Me Dark Mode Kaise Lagaye

How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat | Snapchat Me Dark Mode Kaise Lagaye

Snapchat Me Dark Mode Kaise Lagaye

Dark Mode On Snapchat:- The new addition allows Snapchat users – also called Snapchatterers – to view photos comfortably and interact with app contacts on a dark theme. In this article you will get the key to How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat 2021.

IOS’s Snapchat has finally gotten into the long-awaited dark state several months after other popular social media apps launched it.

Snapchat had started testing the dark state of the iOS app with a small group of users late last year. California headquarters company Santa Monica has now introduced the new feature more widely.

How To Use Dark Mode On Snapchat

Dark Mode On Snapchat:- As MacRumors originally announced, Snapchat users on iOS can now use dark space on the iPhone. The company has provided a new experience to more than 90 per cent of its iOS user base.

To use dark mode, go to the Snapchat profile and then select Settings> Appearance> Always dark. The app also has a Fit System option in the Appearance setting to allow users to use the default iOS theme.

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In addition, the Snapchat app has a default light, Always Light, which gives the appearance of the current light.

The trend to bring dark space support to apps began soon after Apple released iOS 13 with a system-wide dark space option in 2019. Around the same time, Google had also introduced a dark theme with the Android ten.

How to Enable the dark mode in snapchat

Start the Snapchat app on your phone – make sure the app is up to date if you can’t update it in the Apple App Store.

Tap the avatar profile icon in the upper left corner of the app screen. Then tap the settings, which is a small tooth mark in the upper right corner. A long list of settings appears. Scroll down and tap App Appearance. (If you don’t have an app layout, dark mode is probably not yet available in your app.)

You can then choose from three options. The “Always Dark” option sets the application dark, i.e. “The appearance of Snapchat is always dark“.

Other options include “Always Light,” which keeps the app looking light, and “Connect to iOS,” which makes Snapchat adjust your phone’s settings depending on whether it seems light or dark.

Who is Snapchat’s dark space available now?
Snapchat Dark Mode was originally only available to a limited number of users.

Earlier this year, Snapchat confirmed feature testing with “a very small percentage,” Apple Terminal says.

Initially, it was only available on Apple devices, not Android, and was an option only for users in specific locations, including parts of Australia and the United States.

It is likely that the trial took place before a possible wider deployment.

When will Snapchat’s dark space be available in the UK?
It has not been cleared when the Dark Mode feature will be available to all users, including in the UK.

The feature seems to have spread overnight to several users around the world, many of whom have shared images of their Snapchat apps in a dark space on social media platforms.

As such, it seems likely that Dark Mode could soon be available to users of UK applications, although the exact date has not yet been announced. “Dark Mode On Snapchat”