cryptocurrency Latest news Dogecoins Inventor tweet

cryptocurrency Latest news Dogecoins Inventor tweet

Cryptocurrency Latest News

Cryptocurrency Latest News Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer has left some hot comments on Twitter today about the actual state of the cryptocurrency market, and it has given a big peek behind the curtain.

Palmer’s arguments are straightforward and target wealthy business people. He has confirmed that the cryptocurrency sector has promoted precisely the kind of financial system it ensures to change.

Due to him, cryptocurrency is like taking the worst parts of the current capitalist system, such as corruption, fraud, inequality, and using software to control, regulate, tax, like the average safety or security network. Person.

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He has revealed how this industry puts a fake “get rich soon” sign to take new money out of a desperate desire for wealth. He admitted that there had undoubtedly been economic exploitation before the cryptocurrency.

Still, it seems to him that the cryptocurrency has been deliberately built to make the profitability funnel more effective for the top and less secure vulnerable.

His unique words were very straightforward when he wrote: “I trust that cryptocurrency is inherently a right-wing, hypercapitalist technique built primarily to strengthen the wealth of its supporters by combining tax evasion, reduced regulatory oversight and artificially forced scarcity.”

Palmer’s tweet has made many people think about the actual value of a decentralized financial system. On the other hand, many people seem skeptical of the truth behind these tweets, as Palmer himself has invented the cryptocurrency coin and even the best known called Dogecoin. Rumor has it he had recently invested in his cryptocurrency. Some in the Twitter world think these Tweets may be examples of the sour grape syndrome.