Tricks to get Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire

Tricks to get Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire

When the OB27 upgrade began, Garena added Skywing Mk1 to Free Fire. As players jump off the plane, Skywing replaces the surfboard and parachute.Get Pegasus Skywing In Free Fire Previously, one event offered a basic model as part of a cumulative participation award.

The developers have added their first skin called Pegasus Skywing. This skin is part of the new Plinko event. Important to note that this does not include any features other than aesthetically pleasing.

Acquiring Pegasus Skywing with free players can get one ball out of 20 diamonds, while a pack of five is 90 diamonds.

Players can get one ball out of 20 diamonds, while a pack of five is 90 diamonds It is the main prize of the Plinko event, which began on July 16, 2021. Players can acquire the exclusive Pegagus Skywing by consuming diamonds until July 22, 2021.

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Users must purchase balls and select one of seven starting points to drop them. They will receive prizes depending on which coin it belongs to. There are three types of awards:

  • Basic prizes: B, C, E, and F
  • Premium prizes: A and G
  • Grand prizes: D place

Once a particular product is purchased, it is replaced with a new one. Users can buy one ball by consuming 20 diamonds, while five sets cost 90 diamonds. Plus, they can try their fortunes because the first ball is entirely free.

Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire

Note: Purchasing Pegasus Skywing for a certain number of drops cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, the event offers other bonus prizes that players can earn by dropping a certain number of balls.

Three times – 1x Weapon Royale coupon10 times – 2x Diamond Royale coupon20 times – 3x Cube Fragment

Here are the steps players can follow to enter the event and receive prizes:

Step 1: Click the icon on the right side of the screen to open the event section.

Click the Go button

Step 2: Select the Plinko section from the News tab. Click here event interface.

Step 3: Tap the corresponding option to get the number of wheels you want.