smart mobile go kr ( 2021

smart mobile go kr

smart mobile go kr

Available terminals
Android: 480 * 800 precision smartphone and Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1
iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch

Using the smart mobile go kr Query Guide

Integrated mobile application of the National Tax Service (126 without area code, National Tax Service)
Government 24 (1588-2188, Ministry of Public Administration and Security)
BaroTalk (officials only) application (1588-6441, Ministry of Public Administration and Security)
Application of the Criminal Justice Portal (1588-4771, Ministry of Justice)
Service Desk (02-2031-8600, Administrative support for the use of electronic signatures)


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How to use Mobile certificate transfer service 

After selecting Export Certificate to Smartphone, enter the smartphone authentication number and password.

How to use a home

For example, on a smartphone.) Once you have selected accredited authentication at the National Tax Service, follow these steps.

Go to and install the certificate transfer program.

Select Export Certificate to Smartphone.

After selecting the certificate to be transferred, enter the certificate password and authentication number and select “Export”.

When the certificate transfer is complete, you can use it after checking it on your smartphone.