what monitor do I have How to check?

what monitor do I have How to check?

In this article, you will get all information about How To Find What Monitor Do I Have?

Technology companies have ready-made phones, laptops, and desktops that have a common name on the line but are marked with a model number for the specifications.

Phone model numbers are not difficult to remember. Laptops have service marks that recognize them, or in some cases, laptop manufacturers give you an application installed on your system to identify it.

what monitor do i have

However, this does not mean that the make and model of the display are not impossible to find on a Windows 10 computer. The information is only in an unlikely place.

Finding a display model doesn’t require using an operating system. The manufacturer’s name is usually used on the bottom of the front panel of the monitor. If nothing else, when you turn on the monitor, and it is not connected to anything, you may see the manufacturer’s logo for a few seconds before the monitor enters sleep mode.

Change the contrast and saturation of the laptop screen But what if you need a model number?

How to find Model

The brand on the screen is easy to find, but the model number is a bit tricky. To find the model number, you must first
connect the monitor to the system.

Make sure it’s recognized and that Windows can send printouts to it. Also, make sure that your system does not have a shadow monitor.

Once you have done that, open the Settings application and go to the System Settings group. Click the Display tab and look for advanced display options at the bottom or right. Click it and open the Select Screen drop-down menu on the next screen.

Select the secondary monitor / external monitor from this list.
The make and model numbers are displayed.

In the screenshot image below, the monitor connected to the system is a Dell monitor with model number ST2420L.

This window has the Display Adapter Properties option and if you click it, the window that opens has its Display tab.

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The Display tab allows you to use some display settings, but not all information about the make or model of the display is accurate. Most likely, it will only appear as a general screen.

If the screen is still somewhere, you can always search for its model number, but it is far away. Many people do not keep the boxes that come with the hardware. No app recognizes the screen model number, so Settings is your best shot.