WhatsApp upcoming feature 3-month Option for Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp New Feature has been found to test a new option for the
Disappearing Messages feature that allows users to post
messages in a specific conversation after 90 days automatically.

It may be associated with the opportunity to disconnect
messages after 24 hours, which is reportedly in the test
phase automatically.

WhatsApp originally introduced the lost messages
feature in November last year, but so far, it has only
allowed users to make new messages disappear
after seven days.

According to the WABetaInfo report on WhatsApp’s
feature tracking
, WhatsApp for Android beta version has included references to the ability to
disconnect messages after 90 days.


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WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot that the
90-day option automatically deletes messages after
days alongside the current option.

WhatsApp has kept the 24-hour option in place, which
it has reportedly tested for Android, iOS, and network
users in recent months.

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WhatsApp missing messages 90 days option screenshot
beta info WhatsApp

WhatsApp may soon allow you to select a missing message
from the schedule list.

A new disappearing message option is expected to be
under development and is unavailable to beta testers.

However, it is likely to be part of a future public release.

WhatsApp may soon bring you the opportunity to view
the status update via your profile picture

It is most important to note that although the Lost Messages
the feature is designed to delete the contents of messages after a certain period automatically, recipients can still keep
the news by forwarding it to the chat.

The disappearance settings can also be copied before
they disappear.

Likewise, the user can take a screenshot of the lost
message to save its contents before it disappears.

WhatsApp also says it has made the feature especially for
users who communicate with “trusted people.”

When you reported missing messages last year, WhatsApp
hinted at a seven-day default extension.

“We’ll start in seven days because we think it gives peace of
mind that the conversations aren’t permanent and practical,
so you don’t forget what you were discussing,” the company said.

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Facebook is the owner; the instant messaging app
also recently announced the expected ability to transfer
the history between iOS and Android devices.

However, it is currently limited to users moving between iPhone and Samsung devices.