how to backup whatsapp or restore in 2021

how to backup whatsapp

WhatsApp has become a powerful chat tool, and you must keep your saved conversations somewhere how to restore whatsapp backup.

We’ve already taught you how to back up WhatsApp here, but you can also export or save WhatsApp conversations using an email address.

The process differs slightly from the original backup but works well if it is urgent or requires little discussion.


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All major WhatsApp-supported platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) offer message export.

This means you can email the history and save it for later use. These messages cannot be returned later, and please read them.

Because it’s interesting?

If you need to move platforms and can’t back up your messages, it’s a good idea to save them to your email account.

It also serves as legal evidence, or for some other reason, and you want to talk specifically to someone.

how to backup whatsapp in Android (export)

Like all other platforms, you can only export a copy of your individual or group chat history.

To do this, follow these steps:

WhatsApp export

Tap and hold the individual or group conversation you want to record;

  • Click Email;
  • Choose whether to attach the media;
  • Shortly after that, a screen will appear in your email application with a * .txt chat attached in addition to the media if you choose to connect them.
  • Enter an email address and tap Send;
  • The media is attached to the message separately, literally as an email attachment. WhatsApp limits exports to the 10,000 most recent announcements if you connect media. Otherwise, the last 40,000 messages are saved. According to the company, the maximum size of an email is limited

How to backup WhatsApp conversations to iPhone

.On the iPhone, the steps are similar.
Follow these steps to attach conversations via email:

  • Open the WhatsApp conversation you want to post;
  • Tap the contact or group name in the top bar;
  • Scroll down and select Export Conversation;
  • Select Attach media if you wish to the email to contain photos, videos, and audio.
  • Otherwise, tap No media;
  • Select the email application to which you want to send the conversation;
  • Or tap Add to see more delivery options;
  • Enter an email address and tap Send;
  • Ready! Conversations have been posted. Easy, right?

How to save WhatsApp chat to a Windows Phone

If you’re using Windows Phone, the steps are even more straightforward:

Open the chat or group you need to backup
or export;

Tap More (ellipse)> Details or Group
Tap More (ellipse)> Email History;

Ready! Unfortunately, it is not possible to
attach media files on this platform.

If you have Windows Phone 8.1, your
message history will be appended in * .txt format.

If your mobile phone is Windows Phone 7 or 8,
the account will be attached to the email body.