Kali linux best oS for programmers and mostly use to stop cyber crime

Kali Linux Best OS For Programmers

Kali Linux Best OS For Programmers, is an open-source Debian-based Linux for
advanced penetration testing and security auditing.

Kali Linux includes several hundred tools for various
security tasks, including penetration testing, security
research, cybercrime research,

and reverse engineering. Kali Linux is a multi-purpose
solution that is available and freely available to
security professionals and enthusiasts.

It was released on March 13, 2013, as a complete
top-down reconstruction of BackTrack Linux fully
compliant with Debian development standards.

Features of Kali Linux

Kali has 600 penetration testing tools included: After
reviewing all the tools included in BackTrack, we removed
many tools that either did not work or


copied other agencies that provided the same or similar
functionality on what is included, visit the Kali Tools website.

Free (like beer) and will always be: Kali Linux, like Back
Track, is completely free and will always be.

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features Kali Linux Best OS For Programmers:

  • ARMEL and ARMHF supports
  • Multi-language support
  • Full customization of Kali ISO
  • Live USB Boot
  • Kali NetHunter
  • Over 600 penetration testing tools pre-installed
  • Developed in a secure environment
  • Free (as in beer) and always will be
  • Wide-ranging wireless device support
  • Custom Kernel, patched for injection
  • GPG signed packages and repositories
  • A Trustable operating system
  • Forensic Mode
  • Kali Linux Full Disk Encryption
  • Kali Linux Metapackages
  • Kali Linux accessibility features
  • ARMEL and ARMHF Support