Stranger Things 4 release date 2022

Stranger Things 4 Release Date

Netflix tweeted on Saturday that Stranger Things 4 Release Date will premiere in the summer of 2022. While it’s not the exact release date,

it’s at least something for fans of Netflix’s flagship supernatural series, who have been waiting months for delays and a seemingly endless mystery parade. . . . teaser.

Stranger Things 4 Release Date in 2022

A new teaser was also released on Saturday, with Eleven in California adapting to a new life and school.

He writes to Mike that everything is OK (although we see his classmates mean to him) and says Malta is not expecting a spring break. But of course, nothing nice about our girl lasted too long;

After fading to black, we get ghost music under the pictures on the roller coaster and in addition to the scary-looking Eleven, as well as helicopters, explosions, and Joyce’s retreat from the creepy-looking doll.

We also got to search for the names of all four episodes of all nine seasons for the first time. They are called:

Hellfire Club, Vecna’s Curse, The Monster, The Superhero, Dear Billy, The Nina Project, The Dive, The Massacre At Hawkins Lab, Papa, and The Piggyback.

These don’t sound like episodes with lots of good moments for our heroine and her crew.

And Dad is what Eleven called Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), whose return was announced in an earlier Season 4 teaser where we heard his voice.

The new announcements come as part of Netflix’s “Stranger Things Day,” which is set to “remember” the universe on November 6, 1983,

the day Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) first disappeared into the darkness. Stranger Thing’s first production season. (If you don’t want charity,

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it can also be due to a cynical and somewhat desperate attempt to try to create a money-making fan holiday for one of its most popular genre programs, such as May 4, “Star Wars Day.)

The fourth production season since Stranger Things 3, released in July 2019, has had to wait longer than usual due to the delayed months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Filming for Stranger Things 4 ended right after that. Two weeks in early 2020.

However, Netflix hasn’t wasted that time, as Tisers’ fourth season has been steadily released in recent months, including the one that teases the return of a favorite fan character and dives into the Eleven series.

A tragic past and a new scary place, Creel House (visibility for the upcoming fourth production season).