network and application monitoring

network and application monitoring

Why should you monitor your network?
The introduction of new technology and the company’s transition to digital business will significantly impact the network and application monitoring .

The more processes are digitized with new applications, and the more applications are transferred to the cloud, that’s it.

Increase confidence in applications
Increase confidence that users have an excellent user experience

Increase confidence in application performance

If the network can’t support the app’s performance you need, it can start slowing down your business. Many midsize companies suspect they are suffering from application performance issues.

Similarly, since only 30% of application performance issues are caused by the network when the network is unjustifiably accused of poor application performance, that too can slow down your business.

The answer to both scenarios is to monitor your network and infrastructure properly. Monitoring helps detect fundamental problems but also more subtle performance problems.

Why is Monitor a managed service?

Network and application monitoring is usually performed:

  • Using the servers on which the toolkit is run
  • Investing in skills
  • Design, installation, and configuration of a monitoring tool
  • Keeping it running
  • This may not be the cheapest way to create a tracking feature that your business can rely on. It isn’t the easiest.


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For many businesses (especially those that choose to use managed services), a better way is to use a managed service to monitor IT, applications, and network infrastructure. This offers:

Reduced installation time
Often lower costs due to economies of scale
Better control
Lower risk of going wrong

Here is a short video introducing the SAS Unified Dashboard.
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SAS Monitoring – Overview
When you have a SAS-managed network, you get management built-in as standard.

If you don’t have a network we manage, you can get precisely the same tracking yourself – in complete control.

If you want, you can monitor only your vast area network or extend this control to several other parts of your IT infrastructure (such as LAN, WiFi, firewall, server, database, application).

You can see all your stuff inside one glass pane.

Alternatively, you can focus on one or more critical applications. Our Critical Path Monitoring service provides a high-level traffic light summary of the status of an application, from which you can visually inspect the IP path element of any application when a problem occurs.

This makes solving application performance issues much easier and faster.

It is easy to either add other controllable elements or control the critical path of one or more applications.

See below for more information on what it contains.

Why SAS monitoring?

We are known as market leaders in network and application infrastructure oversight. Many customers purchased our managed WAN specifically to use the advanced drivers it provides.

In a nutshell

We provide a managed monitoring solution that eliminates the need to install and configure servers, plan configuration, and monitor yourself.

We are the market leader in Solarwinds at the heart of our management

But we offer much more, from integrated ticketing to critical route tracking and advanced reporting – as you can see below
Most editors will see when the link is gone. Some see it when used too much.

We can tell you which app, user, or device is the root cause of the problem and track the path of the app online.

We raise 95% of critical issues proactively
We deliver everything in one glass
You can go as far as possible with summary data with advanced reporting because we don’t collect your data.