How to Disavow links to your site Links 2022?

So hello friends, how are you guys? Welcome to my blog. Its name is webseriesreel. Today I will tell you a hilarious thing about how you guys Disavow links to your site that become automatic on your website.

How can you remove them, with the help of Google, I am writing a practical of this, in which I am telling you how you can do all the things.

Method to remove or disavow the to your site

  • Enter your domain name

You need a tool’s name is Moz Pro after opening this tool you just select your domain name and enter in this area given in the image and click to analyze.

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After clicking the analysis button most likely show your website data how much your domain authority is scored and linked OK, 

so after checking for spam, you will get here you will see my spam score is 6% and the school’s After scrolling down, you will find website link which website has more spam OK so you have to copy this link which you want to delete.

Steps to remove the backlinks you selected

  • Select the backlinks you want to remove.

Now you just copy the selected website which you want to remove spam score, and after selecting it, 

you will get a copy and paste in notepad and save tree save this file in text format OK so finally we are going to step next how to remove spam score link

so after doing this, if you have to search on google, google disavow links, you will get the proper link to this google tool.

  • Google disavow tools

I will also provide a link in the description so after clicking on it; you will redirect to this website of the google search console. It’s OK to Breach on Your Website

All you have to do is select the properties OK, and then here, you will get the option to upload the file.

Then after clicking on it, you just have to upload your text file in this field, and after doing that, complete your process to delete It’s all done well for the name or bad link of your website, ladies, so thank you.