doctor strange 2 post-credit scene

Did you like the scenes after the release of Doctor Strange 2? Despite the fact that post-film stingers and sequels have been an integral part of the movie-watching experience for more than a decade, many people are always on their way out long before they start rolling.

In our guide to scenes after Dr. Strange’s episodes in Madness’s multiverse, we answer big questions. Namely, how many there are and when you can leave the theatre safely knowing that nothing is left except.

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Then, once you’ve seen it, you can scroll down to get a complete breakdown of the scenes since Doctor Strange 2 was evaluated, including who * it * was, why it was so important, and how one line could be created. . future Marvel stories.


How many scenes have there been since the release of Doctor Strange 2?

Doctor Strange 2 has two sample scenes. The first comes after the usual showy Marvel text series (names of all the main actors). The second comes about three or four minutes later when all the points have been thrown. Once they’re done, you can get free – however, if you have a place to be, only the first scene after the release of Doctor Strange 2 matters in the story.

Now, under the next heading, we move on to the main Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness spoilers. Turn back if you don’t want to know what happens in the two post-post scenes.


Scene after the release of Dr. Strange 2, explained * spoilers *

The first scene after the release of Doctor Strange 2 begins immediately after the main end of Doctor Strange 2 and appears to correspond to the sequel to Cliffhanger. What happened to Dr. Strange’s third eye? At least the former Sorcerer Supreme is in control of this grim magical situation so far.

However, he is not in control of his new guest. As she walks down the street in New York, a woman in a purple dress (in the text “Clea” starring Charlize Theron) arrives and tells Dr. Strange that “she caused the intrusion … and we’re going to fix it.”

Clea tears an opening in reality that provides a window to her destination in space. Clea asks, “Unless you’re scared?” Strange, without interfering with the punch and showing a new third eye, replies, “Not at least.”

What does that mean for Doctor Strange and the MCU?

The attacks were mentioned earlier in the film: an apocalyptic event in which two universes collide. That’s why Dr. Strange in the Illuminati universe proved so dangerous. He searched for a universe where he and Christine could be together – and ended up colliding the two universes together, sweeping away reality and killing a trillion.

Doctor Strange 3 – or whatever Stephen follows – sees Strange likely working with Clean to receive all the threats leaking from one universe to another.

Huge cosmic challenges, raging CGI creatures, and possibly more diverse intersections are to be expected.

It may even eventually lead to the story of the 2015 Secret Wars comic, in which Marvel’s “head” 616 universe and Ultimate universe collided with Doctor Doom,

who was ready to pick up the pieces and create his own world.

Clea, on the other hand, is likely to be an important factor in the future. To the uninitiated, he is from Dark Dimension (at least in comics) and is an exceptionally adept wizard.

He is also in a romantic relationship with Stephen Strange, and he will also become his disciple at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Here at MCU, however, they look on a smoother footing, although it’s always possible that a couple’s love may be in the air.

Now picking up a hat for anyone who had a Charlize Theron Doctor Strange 2 camera on their bingo card. You can read more about Clean’s comic book history via the link.

The second post-release scene features only Bruce Campbell returning to Pizza Papa from the Red Means Go universe.

We see the effects of Strange’s spell disappear as Campbell’s character turns to the camera and shouts “It’s over!”

Don’t worry, there are no MCU installations or extensions here – even if we want Pizza Papa back.

It will only continue Campbell’s employment with director Sam Raim. The actress has appeared in several Raim films, most notably Evil Dead. He has even starred in small roles in the Spider-Man trilogy.