How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm 2023

How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm

Google Play Balance To Paytm

How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm:- Hey friends! This post guides you on How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm, Paypal, PhonePe or Google Pay wallet.  We have already tried the method we share with you in this post. So we are sure that with this method, you will achieve your goal of increasing your game balance. As you know, it is much harder to get the money back to your bank account than to add it to the Because the balance added to theis impossible to get back due to the Play Store refund ban.

How to transfer Google Play balance to Paytm or Paypal?

You can transfer your Google Play balance to your bank account and digital wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, Paypal or Phone Pe using any Google Opinion Rewards conversion app. These apps charge a processing fee for the total amount transferred. As of now, there is no official way to transfer the Google Play balance.

Keep reading for step-by-step details.

Note: None of the apps mentioned below is related to this article. We bring you the details of this app because of our good experience. 

We have previously provided information about Taski Opinion Rewards, but since this app is not working authentically, we are sharing the updated information through this article with the new app. We’ve also provided more information on transferring balances from one Google Account to another.

Follow the steps below to get your How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm:

  • First, download the RewardsTo Cash app.
  • After installing the app, open it.
  • There you will see some payment methods like Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay and Paypal.

How to transfer google play balance to Paytm, bank account, google pay, phone and PayPal account

  •  Choose the payment method that suits you to transfer the amount from it.
  • Then you need to select a currency to transfer your balance.
  • After selecting the currency, you need to fill in the details like name, phone number or email address as per the requirements of each payment method and then click on the submit button.
  • After sending the information, a summary of the information you filled in will appear on the screen.
  • At the same time, you will see a breakdown of the charged fees based on the total amount to be transferred.
  • After confirming that, click the Submit button below.
  • This will open the Google Play Store in-app purchases window.
  • Click the Continue to complete the transaction.

How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm, bank account, google pay, phone and PayPal account

That’s it! Once this is done, you will see the expected date of receipt of your money.

This app takes 5-10 days to transfer money from the day of order, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Reward To Cash app charges 10% transaction fees of the total amount, and we think it is better than other apps.

 It has currency options like INR, USD, CAD, SGD, AUD, AED (UAE DIRHAM), EURO, POUND, etc.

Similarly, you can also use the Qxcredit and Rewards applications.

Remember: Before using such apps, check their latest reviews and ratings. 

Also, avoid using apps outside the Google Play Store and promise to convert your balance into cash, as those apps can be fraudulent.

How to transfer Google play money to another account?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer money from one Google Account to another. However, you can still use your Google Play balance with the Shop’s Family Library feature. Through the family library, you can share purchased movies, books and applications to the accounts of five family members. To use this feature, go to the Play Store settings and sign up for the family library.

The advantage of this feature is that content purchased by one family library member does not need to be purchased separately again by other members, and they can use the content for free.

How to transfer Google Play balance from a minor’s account?

Minors cannot properly manage their payment profile in the Google Play Store. If such an account is found, the Play Store will close it, and all other balances except the account’s offer balance and the unused YouTube gift card balance will be transferred to the family administrator’s account. But for that, the family administrator should have an open payment profile.

You must be a Play Store family administrator to complete the following steps. If you don’t have a Google Pay account, you’ll need to create one first. Then transfer balances from the minor’s account by clicking Transfer Payment Balance and filling out the available form. If you don’t see the Transfer Balance option, ensure you’re signed in to the right account. “How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm”

How to use Google Play balance for in-app purchases?

There are restrictions on how you can use offer credit earned through Google Opinion Rewards and other methods. But you can use the rest of the added balance inside the Play Store without restrictions. Improving the power of a character or item in the game, buying coins, and unlocking some special app features are examples of in-app purchases.

In the above money transfer method, the in-app purchase function converts opinion reward search points into cash. Buying an ad-free version of YouTube, buying or renting a movie, and super chat are also the best examples of in-app purchases.

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Frequently asked questions about transferring How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Paytm

Can I regain my Google Play balance by filling out a refund form?

Ans. No. Many of the tutorials show that you can get your balance back by filling out the Google Play Store refund form. However, Play Store will never refund money to external sources. And a refund is only possible if you are unsatisfied with the service you paid for. This method is unsuitable for withdrawing Google Play store balance in the bank or digital wallets like Paypal or Paytm.

Can I request a refund for payment conversion requests?

Ans. Almost all Reward Converter apps do not allow refunds, so you should only deal with the app after seeing its reputation.

How long does it take to receive the converted money?
Ans. Reward converter apps process transactions within 2-15 business days of the transaction date, excluding holidays.

How to transfer Google Play balance to iPhone?
Ans. You can’t transfer your Google Play balance directly to your iPhone, but you can buy movies, music, or e-books with your Google Play account balance on the Google Play website.

You can enjoy this content in the Google Movies, Music and Books apps on iOS. You can also enjoy Google Play music and movies on your iPhone using Chromecast. To watch movies purchased from Google Play, sign in to YouTube with the same account.

How to transfer Google Play balance to a family member?
Ans. You can’t transfer Google Play balance to a family member’s account. Still, the Family Library feature allows you to share content purchased from your account with up to five family members. We have provided information about this feature in the above article.

We hope the above guide article will help you.

Use the above method only if you have accidentally added balance in Google Play Store or if it is necessary because this is not an official way to claim Play balance. When choosing an app, don’t forget to check its latest reviews and ratings. You can use the balance in the ways mentioned in the article above or pay the Google Play balance to a friend who needs it.

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