47 Rojulu Telugu Movie 2023

Hi, friends 47 rojulu Telugu movie is released recently in this video today let’s know once how is the movie as far as the story of this movie is concerned I don’t need to tell you about the hero acted in this movie you will watch many movies with him this is that girl I am watching first time Telugu movies too There is a girl named Pooja in the movie.

She is seen in many movies. In Telugu movies, Vijay Devarakonda acted as the heroine in the movie. When it comes to the movie direction department. Pradeep got introduced to a new movie. If it comes to the department of producers of this movie. He is also the music director of the film.

47 rojulu telugu movie
47 Rojulu Telugu Movie

Credit society has rated the movie from two to two points, and most of the critics say that this movie is average. As for the audience, five out of ten people who have seen this movie say that the movie is okay, four say that the movie is not good and one says that the movie is good.

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47 Rojulu Telugu Movie Review

But once I say that as far as the plus points that I like are concerned, he has acted very well, he has been performing well since the first, he has done a very good job in the movies as well, he has done a good job in this movie, the first office is good, apart from the songs of the movie,

the movie is okay from the first, but the director, who created the suspense for us? In order to find out what he said, the director made the film interval till it ends in 44 minutes.

He did not make the film directly. But what’s wrong, it is so greatly created by the director, but if we keep thinking about who died in the second half climax, especially in our first half, we keep thinking about who died the heroine.

The director will know who the heroine is. If you have seen this movie, how much are you paying for this movie? What are you doing here? If you haven’t seen this movie, type it. If you haven’t seen it, many people don’t see it.

When I did it, but when Krishna Leela did it, many people didn’t see it. Let me know if this article is very useful for those who are going to see 47 rojulu Telugu movie. If you like this Thank you so much.

47 Rojulu Telugu Movie