One Nation One Charger Policy | One Charger Policy In India

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Today I Will inform you about a new invention which if implemented in India, will make your life very easy I am of any company that can be charged with only one charger, such chargers will be made which will be able to charge any kind of equipment of any company or not.

Now if you live there, then you have to take different chargers for each piece of equipment. There is no need to go, everything will be charged with one charger.

What Is One Nation One Charger Policy?

The European Union has given legal form to this proposal, under which there will be a single charger for all electronic devices from the year 2024 and this charger will be called a universal charger.

Named this will use the same charging cable for mobile phones, digital cameras, portable speakers, headphones, video games, and even keyboards, and it will be a cable called USB C.

At present, three types of charging cables are used all over the world, the first is the lighting charging cable, which can be used to charge Apple’s mobile phones and other products of Apple, after which the USB-c charging cable is used,

People who use Android mobile phones, have this type of charging cable, and in 27 countries of the European Union, this will be the only use for all electronic devices from 2024, and the third charging cable is the microbe connector, two more new ones under this law.

Benefits Of One Nation One Charger Policy

One Nation One Charger Policy | One Charger Policy In India

Decisions have been taken, the first is that people will be given the option to buy separate chargers with mobile phones and other electronic devices, that is, if a person does not want to take a charger with a mobile phone, then this decision will also be his.

If you buy a mobile phone, then you have to buy its charger along with it, if you have bought any other device, then you have to buy its charger separately at the beginning of the second law, this law laptop making and Will not apply to fake companies,

these companies have been given 2 more years of work and it has been said that by the year 2026, they will also have to arrange universal chargers in their devices, so you can imagine that there will be laptops too that you can use only one.

Bought a charger and you can charge any company’s laptop, no matter what it is and your mobile phone, you will be able to charge any company’s mobile phone with the same charger.

Environment Helps By One Nation One Charger Policy

There are a total of 27 countries in the European Union and their total population is about 45 crores, so if a universal charger comes in these countries, then it is possible that in the rest of the world, these companies will voluntarily start providing a charging cable for all devices because it These companies will also benefit.

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The European Union has given three reasons behind bringing this law. First, it will reduce carbon emissions, which will cause less damage to the environment.

Now when you charge your mobile phone, during this time different types of a lot of greenhouse gases are released, every year 13 megaton greenhouse gases dissolve in the atmosphere, as much pollution as 1100000 vehicles produce in 1 year, but it can be reduced by USB C cable and fast charging methods.

And that is why this decision has been taken, the second thing is that buying different chargers increases electronic waste, due to which there will be many different types of charges in your house, you do not know which charges you have charged them. It is possible that each person in your family should have their own separate charger.

Reduction Of Waste By One Nation One Charger Policy

The problem is that when these chargers fail, they generate electronic waste, which is not good for the health of the earth. The European Union estimates that after the introduction of universal chargers, 1,100,000 tons of such electronic waste will be generated.

If it can be stopped, it will benefit the people. At this time, people of Europe buy chargers worth Rs 2000 crores every year, but these people will not have to spend this money, apart from this, the life of such people will also become very easy.

You can say that the charges from The concern are that it will end, there are as many challenges in implementing the decision, and the companies making it have started opposing it and have said that this decision will end the practice of innovation and innovation among the companies. Will do and people will not be able to get new technology.

How Government Going To Apply the One Nation One Charger Policy In India

The government is looking into the possibility of using a single charger for mobile phones and other portable electronic devices, for this, the government is setting up a committee of experts and it is expected to submit its report within 2 months.

To do this, the government has taken a meeting with all the major principles of the Indian industry, to do this, the same charger will be used for mobile, laptops, smartphones,s or the equipment used in our daily life.

Local has done a survey according to the survey 9 out of 10 people want the government to promote the One Nation One Charger Policy In India for tablets and smartphones.