4 Deadly SEO Mistakes (2021)

4 Deadly SEO Mistakes (2021)

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Top 4 Deadly SEO Mistakes.

Top 4 Deadly SEO Mistakes Avoid To Be Professional

Today we will continue in 10 Days By

Professional SEO Technique Part 2

to do advanced blogging with advanced SEO.

This is very important to improve these

SEO Mistakes

(4 Deadly SEO Mistakes)Mistake.1 Focus on Publishing Regularly

Many the small and beginners blogger

make this mistakes, and this is very

important to apologize for these mistakes. Always remember this google wants

only the best results to show the users.

A Lesson is by this mistaken focus on qualitative content

Don’t focus on the timing and always posting.

(4 Deadly SEO Mistakes)Mistake.2 Underestimating Content Promotion

Do a content promotion. Don’t underestimate it.

  • Think about it if you are regularly trying
  • to post on your blog with SEO friendly
  • article and You Will Have No Time to
  • Promote Your Content.
  • you need to know about how many blog post Publishes Daily on google
  • There are approx 2 Million (20 Lakh) Blogs per day Publishes Daily on google.
  • “How Will You Stand Out from 2 Million Blog Post?

(4 Deadly SEO Mistakes)Mistake.3 Know this what is actually is good content

Many the small and beginner make the mistake

they think the great post my the length

of the article in the post like 5000 article

is good and quality content.

Content With Lots Of Colorful Images

➢ Forced Content without Meaning Just to Increase Words

➢ In Future We Will Show You Some Techniques


The lesson will provide you with quality content in your blog post.

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(4 Deadly SEO Mistakes)-Mistake #4 — On-Page SEO is


Now the last and the most basic mistake

are many bloggers think the on-page SEO is


But then you need to know that the

on-page SEO is not enough without

off-page SEO, SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021.

Off-Page SEO is Important So…

We, Will, Discuss Many Techniques to Build Links and Social

Sharing like…

Resource Page Link Building

The Mount Rushmore Method Wet Clay Link Building

Renovation Link Building and More…

One more extra tip for you to make it more Professional use the Grammarly plugin

So this the part 3 top SEO mistakes to avoid in advance or professional SEO in 2021. In the next session,

we will discuss more on off-page SEO. Thank you

4 Deadly SEO Mistakes-Common SEO Mistake

.Responsive Design for Mobile SEO

Responsive design is the best

the possible way in current web

demographics. Here is an understanding

of the search engine optimization design

of smartphones for mobile phones in this era.

Mobile phone SEO

This is the era of tech, tablets and smartphones.

So who wants to spend extra time in

front of a computer? People are ready

for news feeds on their mobile phones,

tablets, etc. According to Yelp, about

40% of net searches are done through

mobile apps. No one doubts that mobile

\devices will take over a computer or

laptops in online searches.

Gone are the days when people only

predicted the rule of the cell phone.

The future is here, and the mobile

phone is already dominating.

Seeing this amazing popularity of

wireless internet, Google recommended

mobile sites. But long before that,

opinions about mobile search engine

optimization began to emerge. When

Googlebot mobile was invented for

smartphones, SEO experts discussed for

\a long time many different ways to

serve mobile sites. Naturally, they

went to the top of the list for mobile searches.

Google’s recommendations can be used to make mobile-friendly variations of a webpage:

  • Get a new subdomain for user agents like http://m.google.com/ etc.
  • Make your site responsive (you can serve the same page with redesigned technology such as CSS 3 Media Queries)
  • Provide HTML output depending on the type of user agents, such as a computer or mobile device.

Responsive design is probably the best way in current web demographics. This allows you to enjoy several benefits. According to experts, the best way to take advantage of mobile search engine optimization is to get a different domain based on a user agent. When directing a user to the mobile version of a website based on a user agent, you need to guide him through a few complex steps. These steps include adding a connection tag, using a robots.txt file, and more.

Responsive design helps you get rid of such complexities and makes the process simpler. This helps in simple content management, link juice and page authorities are maintained. There are many things you need to keep in mind for your website to be mobile-specific. It’s important to keep your keywords short. You need to keep in mind especially mobile users. So it’s important to figure out which keyword is driving traffic to your site. You have to focus on them. With small changes, you can definitely get more results for your mobile SEO efforts.

Responsive design is the best possible way in current web demographics. Here is an understanding of the search engine optimization design of smartphones for mobile phones in this era.