10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2

10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2

10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2

Hello, Friends. Welcome to Webseriesreel by Shivam Kumar. Our last post discusses 10 days by professional SEO canonical tag is the previous topic today we will continue on 10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2.

So the search engine optimization techniques in this SEO techniques you will get or cover many essential topics in this SEO techniques and tools are necessary to apply in your blog post to rank on google top 10 positions, so let’s start our 10 Days Professional SEO Technique.

The Cloaking

Cloaking this is a beneficial factor for your blog to increase your traffic in your site is very part of SEO for digital marketers cloaking is a way to take a webpage and show different content to people and search engines.

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Keyword Density

10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2=In keyword density, actually, you need to specify your main keyword to google by using phrases or alternatives of the primary keyword in your blog post, e.g., if you have written 100 words on the earphone keyword, then 1-time keyword use in your article means KD=1%.

Keyword Stuffing

keyword stuffing is a fundamental mistake. The beginners always make this type of mistake when you working on a keyword.

Density is

no more believed to work, keyword

stuffing does a job, but it works

against you. Keyword Stuffing is your text with

keywords that are sure to backfire.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

The LSI keyword has also played a crucial role in your advanced SEO to gain a considerable amount of traffic in your blog post.

LSI keywords work as a support for your primary keyword. If you find such an alternative or related to the main keyword in your article, it boosts your leading keyword ranking.

Link Farm

10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2=Link farm means you create a network for your primary site to link building a link created by you.

Link bait

It only likes fishing for links.

Actually, it is a piece of highly viral

Content. Most likely material

To attract lots of links, that’s why –


Meta Description

10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2=we use meta description in your blog post, mainly used by search engines.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords is a list of keywords or alternative or keyphrases for your main keywords. I also used mainly by search engines.

On-page and Off-page SEO

10 Days By Professional SEO Technique Part 2= On-page and off-page SEO are the two primary keys to ranking your site; SEO techniques on-page means you are working on your page inside your site to boost your rank.

Off-page is the opposite of on-page SEO—you working from outside to rank your blog post, e.g., link building, social media sharing.

In my next post, you will know the more important SEO factors to increase your site. Thank you.

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