Final Fantasy 7 Nintendo Switch Game Review

final fantasy 7 nintendo switch

Final Fantasy 7 Nintendo switch is now available

for the Nintendo Switch, and the game

is the debut of classic role-playing

fun on the Nintendo console. Originally

released for PS1 in 1997, Final Fantasy VII

is widely regarded as the best role-playing

game ever, and if you’ve forgotten the

countless re-releases for PC, PS4, iOS,

and Android, there’s a Nintendo Switch

a version of Final. . Fantasy VII, who

should buy after Square Enix clears

Final Fantasy IX in vain in the Nintendo

eShop with lots of questions? Here is

what we found out.

Located in the city of Midgar, Final

Fantasy VII takes you on the role of

the mercenary Cloud Stripe in the

Avalanche eco-terrorist group. Starting

with the routine bombing of a power plant

owned by Shinran – a large company leading

Midgar – through spirals, the epic saga saves

the world a bunch of colourful characters like

Cait Sith, a cat that rides on giant plush toys;

and Vincent, a transformation vampire-type warrior

with a mysterious past.

Along the way, you take turns fighting a bunch

of enemies, reminiscent of games like Cosmic

Star Heroine, with its own interest, such as

the ability to summon powerful monsters and

pull higher attacks known as Limit Breaks.

As you walk through the game world, you may

have to fight enemies at random. While the

features of Japanese RPG games existed at the

time, it is in stark contrast to most of today’s

role-playing games, where enemies appear on the

screen, allowing you to avoid them or deal with

them as you please.

The game lasts well. Exploring all of

Midgar’s lawns and elsewhere, meeting bosses,

Final Fantasy VII is as addictive as the one

that returned during its original release.

It has a lot of old charm with a great music

product and a fascinating story that’s still

fresh, even if you’ve played it before.

ff7 switch mailbox FF7_switch

All of these elements are intact in

 final fantasy 7 Nintendo switch

and like the PS4 outing, it has some

interesting additions.

The download size for Nintendo Switch’s

Final Fantasy VII seems to look like a

1: 1 port from what we got for the PS4,

about 3.3GB, about the same as the PS4.

A quick check of its features seems to show the same.

You can turn off the game’s random

battles, speed up the game 3x to make

exploring its many areas a lively way,

and you also get a battle-healing state,

which is basically God’s state – you heal

after enemy attacks and your characters.

Is their most robust available business.

These editors are basically what we

experienced in Final Fantasy VII on PS4,

and they are welcome here as well. While

the story of the game is at its peak,

some of its elements tend to prevent it,

such as the occasional battle encounters

mentioned above. By giving new entrants

direct access to their best songs with

minimal friction, it’s great and at the

same time the ability for presses to play

it the way they remember, Square Enix has

made Final Fantasy VII even more accessible.


Among us, Coming Soon On PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

The Nintendo Switch version lacks the

maximum statistics feature compared to

iOS and Android games. This means that

when you press a character, your characters

are at the upper limit of the 99 levels when

all abilities have been unlocked for use to

their liking. Granted, which would speed up

the Final Fantasy VII process, but the presence

of 3x speed mode on the Switch works just as well to get the same goal.

Most importantly, Square Enix has managed

to bypass some of the things that have plagued

its previous releases of classic role-playing

games. Unlike Switch Final Fantasy IX, you

haven’t encountered ridiculously long download

times, and unlike the Chrono Trigger on iOS,

Android, and PC, you don’t need to deal with a

changed visual style that’s more confusing than

it should, the height of countless technical concerns.

Final Fantasy VII is a good, painless experience

whether you’re playing it in a handheld or docked mode.

It said it has no flaws. First, the game

is in a mailbox with black bars on both

sides, just like its PS4 release, due to

the differences between the original PS1

version and the aspect ratio now used. Second,

Final Fantasy VII is full of movies and lush,

detailed backgrounds. While the latter lasts well,

its movies look blurry and small, whether it’s a

Nintendo Switch screen or a larger screen.

It’s disappointing that Square Enix hasn’t

come up with an answer to these problems all

the time because they also interfere with other

versions of the game. They are by no means dealers,

but they make it difficult to justify the final

Whether your only Final Fantasy VII

experience is limited to the original

PS1 release, and you haven’t reviewed it

on many platform PS4, Android, iOS, or PC, or you’re a

new Final Fantasy VII user, you may want

to check out Nintendo Change Version if you

cannot play it on any other device. There is

currently not too much to choose between different platforms.

Overall, Nintendo Switch’s Final Fantasy VII is

a weird beast. At its core is a stable,

fun coating of a well-worn classic.

However, we hope there is more to it.


  • Good suppliers
  • The game continues
  • Stable compared to previous Square Enix releases
  • Disadvantages
  • Still in the mailbox
  • Does not use any of the Switch’s unique features
  • Rating (out of 10): 7