Destiny 2 Beta Countdown How To Access It

destiny 2 beta countdown

Destiny 2 beta countdown is a sequel to the

2014 shared-world sci-fi shooter

Destiny, which sold more than $500 million

in pre-orders and first-day sales worldwide.

Destiny 2 will be out on PlayStation 4 and

Xbox One on September 6. The Destiny 2

beta can be played from July 18 on the

platform and have you pre-ordered a copy.

Here is everything to know about

Destiny 2 Beta.

How to Acces Destiny 2 beta

If you ordered Destiny 2 digitally

through PlayStation Network or the

Xbox Store, all you need to do is

download Destiny 2 beta Countdown when it appears

in your library. But if you purchased the

game through other resellers like Amazon,

Flipkart, Games The Shop, or offline store,

you will receive a nine-character code from

the reseller that you must redeem on the

Bungie website. Once you’ve done that, you

can decide which platform to play it on,

after which you’re in beta. This information

comes from Bungie’s own forums. So if you

purchased the game from anywhere other than

the Xbox or PlayStation Store, keep the clock

in your Bungie website account.

At the time of the post of this story,

several Indian retailers have told Gadgets

360 that the game’s distributor’s World Wide

CD has not released Destiny 2’s beta redemption codes.

The date when they would be distributed

to pre-order customers is unknown.

Destiny 2 beta preload time

The Destiny 2 beta can be

downloaded from PS4 at 10 a.m.

on PT on July 13 (22.30 IST, July 13)

five days before it starts on July 18.

You do not need to pre-order Destiny 2 to play the beta

By pre-ordering Destiny 2, you can

play the Destiny 2 beta on July 18

for PS4 and July 19 for Xbox One,

but you can play it for free starting July 21

on both platforms. It should be available for

download from PlayStation Network and the

Xbox Store that day.

Destiny 2 beta – no need for PS Plus or Xbox Live

Yes, you read it correctly.

Destiny 2 Beta does not require a

PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) or Xbox

Live subscription to play it,

like Destiny 1 Beta. Bungie confirmed

this on his website. However, you will

need either the entire game when it

hits in September.

Destiny 2 beta PS4 and Xbox One release date

PS4 and PS4 Pro owners will

receive the Destiny 2 beta first

as part of publisher Activision’s

marketing with Sony for the game.

This means that if you have a PS4 or

PS4 Pro, you can play Destiny 2 on

July 18, all day before Xbox One games.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Destiny 2,

you can play beta from July 21.

Destiny 2 Beta Download Size

The Destiny 2 beta download size is

12.596 GB on the PS4 and 12.83 GB on

the Xbox One. With Destiny 2 being a

68GB download for both consoles, it’s

safe to say that the beta download size

for Destiny 2 would be larger than the beta

for Destiny 1, which was 12.63GB on the Xbox

One and 14.3GB on the PS4.

When does the Destiny 2 beta start?

Destiny 2 beta – PS4 release time

Early check-in: PT July 10 on July 18 (22:30 IST on July 18)

Public access: 10.00 PT on July 21 (22.30 IST, July 21)


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Destiny 2 beta – Xbox One startup times

Early check-in: PT July 10 July 19 (22:30)

Public access: 10.00 PT on July 21 (22.30 IST, July 21)

When does the Destiny 2 beta end?

No concrete information on when the

Destiny 2 beta will end. We know it was

due to end sometime on July 23. Having

said that, the first Destiny saw its beta

expand and expand; we can see the same here.