How to get the rainbow skin in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 is a
first-person shooter video game
released by Activision.
In the game, legendary weapons can
have different uses
depending on their location.In addition,
they were rare gun players
who got. Now that
COD Mobile has a legendary weapon in Fennec,it
is now the level below.
So what exactly are they?Legendary
weapons are drawings.
Plans allow the player
to attach
their weapons and dramatically change
aesthetics and design of the original method.
its meaning changes depending on
whether it
is a plan or a Battle Royale weapon

How To Get Legendary Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3

Players must reach certain levels
in order to master the legendary weapons
in Cod Mobile. It, in turn, benefits them
by winning prizes and titles.


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This is a revamped version of a
a weapon with brand new models.
A legendary weapon simply means
a weapon plan. For regular multiplayer,
plans can mean a few things. Players
who do not yet have a weapon in order
of priority, but who have a plan,
can use or equip a weapon plan. In turn,
use these attachments with everything else.
This can save a lot of time and provide an
easier smoothing experience.

Legendary drawings can usually be obtained by purchase.However,
they are generally available in small
spurts. They are the unique weapons
in the game. Again, however,
they are pretty
expensive regardless of
whether they are
purchased directly or
through a happy raffle.
They are not earned through gambling.

Legendary weapons through Battle Royal

.It has a completely different meaning
here because it is a rarity and a
strength of a weapon found in a match
more than an aesthetic plan. In this
case, there is no purchase.
Finding them is left on the map.

A hot drop to places with more
loot boxes will give you a better
chance of finding a BR Legendary weapon,
while opening a dropbox will usually give
players the greatest chance of getting their
hands-on such a weapon with COD Mobile.