How To Earn Money By The Writing Skill In 2023

How To Earn Money By The Writing Skill In 2023

Earn Money By The Writing Skill In 2023

Earn Money By The Writing Skill:- The internet is full of content factories that take advantage of writers who just want to try to do money writing. With many of these factories paying $5 per post or $10 per article, it’s no surprise that freelance writers get frustrated trying to make money online. But dig deep, and you’ll find that not everything is so dark. We came up with the best tinting guidelines for each website’s composition guidelines. Start with these 8 websites and write money right away. Now is the time to earn money by digitally Platforms From Where You Can Get Paid For Writing Articles.

The best platforms that pay for word-paying freelance writers


It is a popular website located in New York. This website has recently been awarded the Publisher of the Year.

Their brands are:

  • Very well – know more. Feel better.
  • Six
  • Balance – Earn money for personal use
  • Investopedia
  • Lifewire
  • Bride
  • Thought. co
  • They write about every topic and
  • offer expert advice on every imaginable topic.

They are not transparent about their price level, but it is between $300-$700 per month and writing 6-10 articles per month. Openings are always available.

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Postgraduate program in content production India Today ranked among the top five continuing education courses ever


Earn Money By The Writing Skill:- is an online forum for new authors. It gives you a platform to write on a wide range of topics, including critical essays, book reviews by debut writers, competition deadlines, submission information, and interviews with established writers.

They have several ways to send.
First, they have new voices.
It is available for new writers.
They pay up to $ 200 for selected stories.

Second, from February 1 to March 29, they will accept broadcasts of fiction and nonfiction from the country’s best new writers.

They have a short story award for a new author. You can also write flash fiction on this online platform.

3 Authors weekly

This online forum buys articles from freelance writers and writers around the world. Freelance writers need to follow guidelines, ideas and subscribe to their websites.

They do not publish poetry, book reviews, product reviews, and promotional materials, In addition, they do not publish articles on “writing.”

Freelance writers have the right to write an article about marketing secrets. They cost $ 60 for 600 words.

They also pay for Feature Articles and Backstories. This online platform allows a writer to create their own campaigns by sharing their own story. They do not charge for publication.


With the help of this online platform, an experienced writer can only write for travel advice and site offers. They pay $ 50 per blog post.


If you’re humorous and you can make people laugh with your writing, I have good news for you, If you are a freelance writer, smart, fun, and creative, this online the platform is for you, They also encouraged writing content related to scientific technology, movies, and video games.

If the article gets a thumb from the delivery, you get a good exposure.
A freelance writer will receive $100 for the first article approved.

6 SitePoint

This forum is for programmers only. If you want to share your technical knowledge with the world, you need to fill out their form,

So, if you are dedicated, punctual and have original content, this forum is for you.

They allow articles to write:

Design and comfort
Microsoft Tech
And more
This site doesn’t tell you
how much they cost but says
it’s higher than average.

7 on

If you want to make money faster than a freelance writer, Fiverr is for you.

This online platform is the most significant market for freelancers. Joining Fiver is fairly easy by logging in to their page. Freelancers can earn 80% of the rest. 20% goes to Fiverr pockets.

8 Upwork

Many times the author needs to think, and what if they don’t pay?

There are many freelance sites that are not good or don’t even get stuck. Upwork is one of the most trusted sites for freelancers. The number may vary depending on the articles. This site sends works every day, writers make suggestions for projects of interest to them.

However, this online forum can be very frustrating for beginners only. The more work you do, the more likely you are to win the project.

Freelancers do not receive the full amount, Upwork takes a few percent of your amount.

Topics you can write about are:

Network development, Mobile development, Design, And much more.

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