Division 2 Download Size PS4 Gaming

Division 2 Download Size

Today I will give you information about Division 2 gaming Download Size.

If you have purchased the Gold or

The ultimate version of the game,

the release date of Division 2, is

March 12. Those who buy the regular

version of Division 2 will play it from March 15, and this race will continue.

Be available for preload, and a

patch is rolled out one day.

If you plan to buy The Division 2

Download Size for the

PS4 on disc, be prepared to download 90GB.

According to the game

spotted by Game Informer,

expect to take a hit from your data cap.


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If you buy a copy of the game,

start installing from a disk. Provided you’re online, your console

will simultaneously download Title

Update 1 when you install it,” 

the page reads (from Game Informer).

“Expect 88-92GB downloads

depending on your region and preferred language.

Whether it is installed from disk or

downloaded digitally, the final HDD

install size will be between 88-92GB.

Xbox One and Windows PC around 50 GB

game size. Granted, it’s about half

that, but anywhere what it should be.

Although Ubisoft remains to offer any

explanation for the considerable download

size, its own support pages are inconsistent

with the 48 to 52 GB download claim.

When you consider that this is the most

the annoying situation, stop heavy downloads

to consider it. Ubisoft clearly feels that

Division 2 is enough

to allow users to download

a healthy portion of

their data cap for the game,

even if they bought

it on disk. This is an inconsistent move that only works

in favour of the digital-release demise of a

physical boxing product that provides users

with massive control

and revenue while keeping

prices high. Even more so when you start considering

the hidden cost of downloading such a big update.