How To Delete The File Named Minecraft Launcher Setup From Windows 7?

How to delete the file named Minecraft launcher

Today i will show you How to delete the file named Minecraft launcher

Do I need to uninstall Minecraft Launcher
to fix the issues? Here you will get an
effective solution to remove it entirely
and thoroughly delete all the files from
your computer? No worries! This page provides
detailed instructions for completely
uninstalling Minecraft Launcher.

Minecraft Launcher cannot be uninstalled due to many other issues.

Incomplete uninstallation of Minecraft
Launcher can also cause many problems.
So it is crucial to uninstall Minecraft
Launcher entirely and delete all its files

Method 1: Use the programs and features
to install Minecraft Launcher
When any new program is installed on the system,
the program is added to the Programs and
Features list. To remove a program, remove
it by removing Programs and Features.
So when you want to uninstall Minecraft
the first solution is to uninstall
it through programs and features.

Step:a. Open Programs and Features.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Click Start,
type Uninstall in the Remove programs and
files box and then click Print. look for
uninstalling Windows7

Windows 8, Windows 8.1
and Windows 10 In Your Pc

Click on the
Window 10 menu, hold down the Windows and
X keys, and then click Programs and Features. Win X menu Windows 10

b. Find Minecraft Launcher
in the list, click it, and then click Uninstall
to begin uninstalling.

Method 2: Uninstall uninstaller.exe to
uninstall Minecraft Launcher
Most computer
programs use a file called uninst000.exe or
uninstall.exe or similar. You can find these
files in the Minecraft Launcher installation folder.

Step:a. Navigate to the Minecraft Launcher
installation folder.
b. Locate uninstall.exe
or unins000.exe.

c. Double-click its
uninstaller and use the wizard to uninstall
Minecraft Launcher.


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Method 3: Use System
Restore to remove Minecraft Launcher
System Restore is a utility included with Windows
operating systems that helps computer users
restore their approach to a previous state
and remove annoying programs. If you have a
system restore point before installing the
program, you could use System Restore to
repair your system and remove unwanted
programs such as Minecraft Launcher.
Back up your personal files and information
before restoring the system.


a. Close all open files and
b. On the desktop, right-click
ComputerComputer and then click Properties.
The system window appears.
c. Click on the
left side of the window system, then click
on System Security. The System Properties
window appears.
System security

d. Click on
the System Restore window will appear.
system features system restore

e. Click Select
Another Restore Point and click Next.
system files and settings

f. Choose a date and
time from the list and then click Next.
You should be aware that not all programs
and drivers installed after the selected
date and time may work correctly and must
be reinstalled.
select a restore point

Click Finish when the “Confirm Restore Point”
window appears.
confirm the restore point

Click Yes to confirm again.
Make sure Windows 7
Recovery is complete

Method 4: Uninstall
Minecraft Launcher
Today, computer malware
looks like ordinary computer software,
but it is much harder to remove from your computer.
Such malware can enter your ComputerComputer
through trojans and spyware. Other malware on
your ComputerComputer, such as adware or
potentially unwanted software, is also
complicated to remove. They are generally
installed on your computer by combining free
software such as video recording, games, or
PDF converters. They can easily bypass the
detection of anti-virus programs on your system.

If you can’t uninstall Minecraft Launcher
like any other program, you may want to
check to see if it’s malware. Click and
download this malware detection tool for
free scanning.

Method 5: Reinstall Minecraft
Launcher to uninstall.
When the file needed
to uninstall Minecraft Launcher is corrupted
or missing, it cannot uninstall the program.
In such a situation, reinstalling Minecraft
The launcher can do the trick. To reinstall the
program, run the installer either on the
original disc or download. Sometimes the
installer can let you fix or uninstall
the program as well.