How to set speed of Bluetooth hotspot on Windows 7 ?

How to set speed of Bluetooth hotspot on Windows 7

This article explains how
to connect your Android
smartphone to your computer
via Bluetooth
. This is necessary
if you want to connect your Android
smartphone’s 4G / LTE or Wi-Fi
connection to your computer’s
or Ethernet connection. While Bluetooth
is a convenient and wireless way to
connect to the Internet from your Android
smartphone to your computer, it is limited
to 1 Mbps (Bluetooth 4) or 2 Mbps (Bluetooth 5).
If your phone has a high-speed LTE speed,
you may get better results over a USB or
Wi-Fi connection.

Hardware requirements:

Internal Bluetooth adapter, external
Bluetooth USB adapter (optional).

Step 1:
Make sure your smartphone has an active
Internet connection – either Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

To do this, usually swipe down in the notification
bar and tap Wi-Fi and/or your mobile phone. Or
you can go to the Settings screen and turn on
the switch.

Step 2:
Make sure Bluetooth sharing is
turned on on your Android smartphone.

Go to the Network Settings area of ​​your
Android smartphone – you’ll find the
Shared Connection section. Tap it and
turn on the Bluetooth sharing switch.
If Bluetooth is not turned on, make sure
it is turned on.

Step 3:
Connect (or “connect”) your Android
smartphone to your computer using Bluetooth.

If you are using an external Bluetooth USB
adapter, be sure to install it according to
the instructions that came with the device.
You may need to restart your computer
before you can use it.


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Go to your computer’s
Bluetooth settings (either in the lower right
corner of the taskbar – systray – or by searching
for “Bluetooth”). Slide the Bluetooth switch on –
this will make your computer visible to other

Go to the Bluetooth device on your
Android smartphone and search for devices.
You should see a computer. Tap it and start
pairing. Your smartphone will display a window
with a PIN code. Tap Connect, then go to your
computer and click to confirm your PIN.

Then the Bluetooth pairing should be done –
check to verify in the same place as above,
under Other Devices.

Step 4: Connect your
computer to the Internet with a Bluetooth-enabled
Android smartphone.
Go to Network Connections
(Windows key + X – select “Network Connections”)
and right-click “Change Adapter Settings”.

Search for “Bluetooth network connection”.

If it’s plugged in – you’re good to go. If not, double-click to see
Bluetooth devices. If your phone doesn’t automatically
appear here, click Add a machine and add it.

Click the
“Connect Using” button above and select “Base Station”.
Windows set up the connection as “Network X”, and you
can enjoy Internet connections.