Printer spooler repair tool Windows 7

Printer spooler repair tool Windows 7

Print Spooler repair tool Windows 7 that allows you to give print commands to the printer. It manages all print queues. Sometimes it stops/hangs and starts displaying printing errors. Most printing problems are due to this service. Learn more about it.

About Print Spooler repair tool

Spooler manages multiple print requests and sends them one at a time to the printer for printing. As we all know, printing to printers takes little time, so the spooler service keeps all pending documents in a queue and then sends them one at a time to the printer when the first document is printed.

In Windows, the spooler service works with two main files, spoolss.dll and spoolsv.exe. The printer spooler service is not separate; it also works depending on the addiction services. Its dependency services are Dcom and RPC services.

If any of these services are terminated, we also remove the spooler service automatically. This is why these are called addiction services. So to fix the problem, the tape is not working; we need to get around these things. Follow the instructions given here.

Symptoms of Printer Spooler Repair Tool

If you receive any following errors, there is a problem with the spooler or its dependencies.

  • Local spooling is not in progress. Restart the service.
  • The spooler does not work.
  • Reel printing does not start.
  • The printer spooler service cannot start.
  • The Spooler service receives an error message during printing.
  • Start the spooler service first, and then try printing again.
  • There are no errors in the spooler.
  • And even sometimes, it doesn’t show errors, but the printer doesn’t print either.

Spooler repair does not work.

Who can repair the Spooler service in two ways by applying step-by-step manual steps and using the print spool repair tool (a free program)?

How to fix the spooler service using manual steps
Spooler repair

Method 1: Use the manual steps to repair the spooler service
To resolve this issue in Windows, follow these steps:

1) Make sure the Print Spooler service is running.

2) Make sure the coil dependencies are running.

Check that the spooler service is running.

Follow the steps given below in the correct order to check your Spooler service

  1. Press “Windows” + “R” together to open the execution dialogue box. Then type “services. MSC” and click “OK.”


a) If the spool printer is NOT running.

  1. In the Services window, right-click Print Spooler and select Properties.

background printing

  1. Under Properties, select Automatic from the drop-down list.


  1. Click “Apply.”

apply the changes

  1. Click the Start button.
Printer spooler repair tool Windows 7

Start spool printing

  1. Wait for the spooler to turn on.

wait for the start

  1. Click ‘OK to close the window.

b) If spool printing is already in progress.

  1. In the Services window, right-click Print Spooler, and then click Restart. In this case, the spooler service restarts.
  1. Wait for Printer Spooler Repair Tool to restart.

wait for the reboot
Method 2: Make sure that background operations are running
Follow these steps given in the correct order to ensure that the printer coil dependencies work correctly:

  1. Press “Windows key” + “R” to open the execution dialogue box. Then type “services. MSC” and click “OK.”


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  1. In the Services window, right-click “Print Background” and select Properties.


  1. In the Properties window, click the Dependencies tab.

dependencies tab

  1. Expand the “Remote Procedure Call (RPC)” option. In this case, there are two dependencies, namely DCOM Server Process Launcher and RPC Endpoint Mapper. Write down the names of these dependencies. Then close this window.

notice the dependencies

  1. In the Services window, locate DCOM Server Process Launcher by right-clicking it and selecting Properties.

DCOM features

  1. In the Properties window, select “Automatic” from the drop-down menu, click “Apply,” then “Start”, and finally “OK.”
Start DCOM
  1. In the Services window, locate RPC Endpoint Mapper by right-clicking it and selecting Properties.
RPC features
  1. In the Properties window, select “Automatic” from the drop-down menu, click “Apply,” “Start,” and then “OK.”

start RPC

Now both the spooler service and the spooler data are running on your computer. Restart the computer, and the spooler should work correctly.

Repair the spooler service with the spooler tool
Follow the steps below to correct spool printing.

Download spooler. It is a free utility that fixes a spooling error quickly. It resets the spooler service by default.
Use a reel.
Click here to Repair the button to begin the repair process. It takes a few minutes to repair the complete print service.
After completing the task, it displays the message Successful. Now the Spooler should work.
A step-by-step guide with screenshots
Download: Print Spooler.exe

(Freeware) Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
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  • how-to-use-print-backgrounds-repair-tool – step 1
  • Print spool printing
  • how-to-use-print-backgrounds-repair-tool – step 2
  • To correct the driver, print a spool repair tool
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  • how-to-use-print-backgrounds-repair-tool – step 4
  • When you are finished, restart your computer, and then print something to fix the spooling problem.

See this page if you have any problems. The printing house stops automatically. And if the missing is completely missing from the Spooler, see this article to eliminate the missing spooling problem.

How does it work
Print Spooler provides a print job transfer service for computers. It is designed to manage print jobs, and when it starts to malfunction, it is impossible to print documents. One such sign of a malfunction is the “Spooler service not running” error. Problems with Windows Print Spooler? Then don’t worry because we’re here to help you. In this tutorial, we will quickly explain the following steps to solve the problem.

What is the cause of the problem?
There are many reasons for the Spooler not working problem. Most viruses and Trojans target the “print training service” for its corruption. They can also corrupt the print queue registry because the spooler service is a service that affects most printer users. Users want to print, but they get the error message “The print training service has stopped. Restart the service, local spooling is not enabled. Restart spooling”, etc. So it is recommended that you protect your computer with a good antivirus program.


Q: Does this fix work on all Windows operating systems? Isn’t my Spooler running on Windows XP?
A: Yes, this hotfix utility works well on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10.

Q: Can I fix the “Spooler SubSystem App error”?
A: It is supposed to fix it. Let check it if it doesn’t work for you. Q: Why does the spooler crash again and again? A: If it crashes over and over again, most likely, some virus or malware will do this. So it is better to scan your system with a good malware removal tool and then run this utility.

Q: I get an error: CANNOT ADD PRINTERS: Print a spooler service not listed in the service list. How do I fix it?
A: This utility is designed to fix most spooling problems, such as” Printer spooling is missing “, ‘Printer spooling ended unexpectedly’, ‘whO could not remove the printer because spooling is not running’, ‘Start spooling and then set up the printer manually’, and so on.

Q: I can’t add a printer. Error messages appear: “Spooler service stopped, start Spooler”.
A: Just run this utility, and WHAT should fix your problem. It restores the spooler service and corrects all background information quickly and automatically. Download this tool; it will fix all spooling errors. You have to run this repair tool (a free program) and restart your computer once the spooling problem is resolved.

If, after restarting your computer, you find that the spooler service is running again, your printer drivers are probably corrupted. In this case, the best way is to reinstall the printer driver.