The pirates


” Maybe we don’t have the best skills, Maybe I don’t have the best Devices, But All We’ve is the togetherness of our in the clan in the name of Family called ‘PIRATIANS’, says PIRATIANS who’s from India they’ve player’s from Some nice place such as Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, Gujrat, Mumbai etc. They Generally play Underdogs eSports Custom Tournament also Organize Some tournament. But Due to the ban of PUBG MOBILE, These have been inactive for many months.


PIRATIANS belongs to an underdog ESPORTS CLAN. They made their Clan on 12 June 2019. They Organizes Tournaments for T3, T2, TDM Tournaments And these people also used to play Tournaments. 

How did We start? (In Their Leader’s Perception)

When I started my Clan, I don’t start it bcoz I want to make it an organization. I just wanna make a clan to play with my Peeps like 2-3 of my friends Raghav Narang (PIRATE NARANG), Pulkit Pal (PIRATE PAL), Shubham Singh (PIRATE SINGH), and we just nomally played we’re not serious about the clan n game & one day I generally ask my cousin Tilak Walia (who’s Damn good at this game) that he want to my join the Clan yes or no ,so he said yes ,then he’s with me from that day after that i added him in our family & I gave him name called PIRATE CHIEF, then He said his more friends Himanshu Singh (PIRATE SHAAB), Aman Saifi (PIRATE YAGAMI), Yashi Malhotra (PIRATE GWEN) then everything is going smoothly after that we add more friends Bhuvan Wasan (PIRATE BHUVI), Kartikeya Kumar (PIRATE FIENND) And then one day we got into a fight due to some of our mater & that time I left the Clan, When all the people came to know that I had left the Clan, then all of them left by themselves, All people put their efforts in it to bring me back then things seems to sorted we decided to start again where we just left it (we wanna recover our Clan) and Luckily in that time one of our Clan’s member is in-active ,so he saved our family & I came back, our clan members are also back and We sorted all things between us & we have decided to take it seriously so me and PIRATE FIENND chose to grow our Clan, in that time we currently are only 8-9 members in our line. So we decided to add more members through the recruitment process, but before the recruitment process, we would do pre-process,& then we share our proposal and Requirements in what’s app group & discord both. In recruitment, many people selected, like( Pirate Baba, Pirate Xenon, Pirate Richey, Pirate Hydrox, Pirate Sid, Pirate Vortex etc.). After all that, we have good enough people in our Clan, so I decided to make line ups like four members in one line up; we got 3 line ups & then everyone plays custom-like tournament n all, everything goes smoothly one day I thought, why we are just used to playing game why weren’t organizing it. Then I had a meeting with my Clan’s members on the discord, then everyone said yes about this, and then we started things properly & professionally, we organize our first custom, in which we r failed cause of some our wrong. Then we decided to do this with planning & we succeed in that, and we do 2-3 times, & we enjoyed this (custom playing). And at that time, I saw some members of my Clan performing well; then, I promoted them elite. (Anmol Gupta [PIRATE BABA], Spandan Banerjee [PIRATE XENON], Rachay Bhavsar [PIRATE RICHEY] ). After select promotion, their responsibilities exceed when they were just members their responsibilities is just that they co-operate with us by their choices. Still, after the elite upgrade, there’s no choice’s; they should do that’s all. I & Kartik Bhai (PIRATE FIEND) doing announcements, formats; we also organize tournament n. Then we decided to ally With Saurabh Sarkar (ROYAL SS); in that alliance, we have contracted that they create our room & we organize their tournament; we worked together for a long time. I divided everything into departments for more professionalism. Like Our Discord Managed by Aman Saifi (PIRATE YAGAMI), Instagram Managed by Yashi Malhotra (PIRATE GWEN), YOUTUBE Managed by Anmol Gupta (PIRATE BABA), TOURNAMENT registration by RICHEY & XENON, The management Kartikeya Kumar (PIRATE FIEND) & Me everything was managed so I take a break & I was inactive in Clan, I usually active but I did not play any game or any tournament bcoz of the expansion of my work. But before banning, I just commonly played the game, and I have a lot of plan for the Clan. Let’s see When we’ll able To play PUBGM INDIA. 



PIRATE¤SUPER (Sanchit Nipanikar)



PIRATE¤MAVTS (Sumit Tripathi)

PIRATExDEFINET (Nitesh Khushwah)

PIRATE¤GWEN (Yashi Malhotra)

PIRATE¤VORTEX (Gurneet Sudhu)

PIRATE¤RAJA (Vishal Vashishtha)




PIRATE¤THAMA (Abhishek Kumar)


PIRATE¤DEEP (Deepak Kumar)


PIRATE¤RONIN (Harsh Gurjar)

PIRATE¤VISHU (Vishu Gupta)

PIRATE¤LUCIFER (Neeraj Nagpal)

PIRATE¤PAL (Pulkit Pal)

PIRATE¤ROSY (Teyasa Sur)



PIRATE¤FROST (Srinjan Das)


PIRATE¤FiEnnD (Kartikeya Kumar)

PIRATE¤LORD (Prince Walia)

PIRATE¤HUNT (Aman Saifi)

PIRATExBHUVI (Bhuvan Wasan)

PIRATE¤THAKUR (Ritesh Thakur)

PIRATE¤BABA (Anmol Gupta)

PIRATExXENON (Spandan Banerjee)

PIRATE¤RICHEY (Rachay Bhavsar)


PIRATE¤CHIEF (Tilak Walia)

PIRATE¤SHAAB (Himanshu Singh)

PIRATE¤NARANG (Raghav Narang)



You Can Catch them – 

Instagram – https://instagram.com/piratiansgamingpubg

Discord – https://discord.gg/8jzyxpw

YouTube – 

https://youtube.com/channel/UCZ-4-61P3rVv6vxtstd3BXw (STREAMING CHANNEL)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRIww_LtMsUqKwM_Q4jXAhA?view_as=subscriber (OFFICIAL CHANNEL)