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God Of War 4 Pc In 2020, Horizon Zero Dawn the first significant, first-party Sony exclusivity to be launched on the PC. It was a perfect moment for PC gaming, a sign that there may come a time when other beloved Sony exclusive rights like Bloodborne and The Last of Us 2 will be available outside of the PlayStation with all the benefits of PC gaming. The question is: Which games will come to the PC and when?

Blood of War of War of War may be the most desirable PC port in a Sony configuration. Kratos has a prize box full of Game of the Year awards, and the 2018 game is alone, even if you haven’t played any of the series’ older games. Sony hasn’t said anything about transferring the God of War app to a computer, and unlike Blood borne, there hasn’t been much talk about it.

But Sony has announced plans to bring more first-party exclusivity to the computer, making the God of War a likely candidate. Here’s about God of War’s ability to get a PC port – and how you can play older God of War games already on your computer thanks to PlayStation Now.

Straight to the point: Is there a god of war for the PC?

In August 2020, a Sony financial report said, “We’re working on expanding our first-party titles to the PC platform … to improve profitability.” It may mean the God of war, but we can break up many other exclusive rights that Sony could exercise.

However, one war for the port of God is its continuation. God of War 2, with subtitles that may be Ragnarok, is scheduled for release right now in 2021. The PC release of the first game a few months before the new one would be a great way to capitalize on fan excitement and even sell a few PC players for the PlayStation 5.

The director of God of War wants to see it on PC, but …
In 2019, God of War director Cory Barlog tweeted that he would “love” the publication of God’s War on a computer, but the decision is “clearly above his grade”.

It’s great to know that Barlog is worth it, but ultimately it matters whether Sony wants to invest time and money in the PC port.

God of War’s PC rumours hasn’t been much.

Naughty Dog’s job postings showed that The Last of Us 2 PC port is likely, and the Blood borne PC port has rumoured for years at this point. However, there is nothing in the God of war that we hope for

In mid-2020, the podcaster claimed that the God of war was coming to PC in August. Cory Barlog fired the news quickly, and August came and went without the God of War harbour.

You can play all the old Gold of War games on PlayStation Now
The skill of warfare

If you count Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service, you can play the entire God of War series yourself, except for the 2018 restart (and a couple of mobile / network connections) on your computer right now. Here is a selection of God of War games available on PlayStation Now:


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God of war HD
God of War II HD
God of War Remastered
God of War: Resurrection
God of War: Olympus Chains
God of War: Ghosts of Sparta
Although the new God of war was temporarily playable through PSNow, Sony removed it in 2020. It may return alternately one day when Sony offers some of its exclusive streaming rights for a limited time.

Not familiar with PlayStation Now? It’s a cloud-based streaming subscription service, a bit like GeForce Now or Google Stadium, that lets you stream PlayStation games to your console or computer. PlayStation Now costs $ 10 a month (or $ 60 a year). When we tested the PC client for PlayStation Now in 2016, we found that its performance was good enough, even without a high-speed internet connection. Latency wasn’t a big issue, but the video quality wasn’t quite excellent either.

But it happened in 2016. Our colleagues at Techradar say that PSNow has “improved significantly since its release,” but without a rigid Internet connection, you may run into some problems. Some ports on your God of War computer can undoubtedly solve the problem.