(Pradushan Suraksha) Control and Measures 2021

pradushan suraksha

(Pradushan Suraksha) The increase in pollution is one of the biggest problems of the moment and is overgrowing in modern and technologically advanced society. The whole world is aware and concerned about this problem. Due to pollution, the environment or the environment in which a person has lived is deteriorating daily.

You have to put up with extreme heat somewhere and extreme cold elsewhere. In addition to this, all living things also have different types of diseases. Nature and its environment are clean, pure and healthy for all living organisms, but if it is contaminated for any reason, it causes various problems for all living things in the environment.

As human civilization develops, the number of environmental pollution increases. Human actions and lifestyles are primarily responsible for improving it. With the development of society, man has made many new inventions due to which industrialization and urbanization have increased.

Due to population growth, man loses forests every day and uses the land for agriculture and home. Chemical fertilizers are used to deliver food that contaminates not only the soil but also the water. Sound and air are polluted by new means of transport.

If we look at it, the main reason for the increase in pollution is unwanted human activity that uses natural resources indiscriminately and makes it rubbish. Water, air, and land are polluted by throwing garbage here and there, which is detrimental to the whole world’s health.

There are four types of pollution:

Water pollution
Air pollution,
Land pollution and
Noise pollution.

Water pollution

Water is the basis of the life of all beings. With the development of human civilization, a severe problem of water pollution has started. Due to industrialization, the growth of urbanization is increasing day by day. Villages that used to be towns are now turning into cities after setting up various industries.

Due to urban congestion, housing construction is increasing, so three to six families can easily live in an apartment. These homes need more water for less space, and pressures on underground water resources are increasing. Underground water is utilized by building a deep dull.

Excessive industrial construction, dangerous chemical waste, etc. Contaminated water is discharged into the river sewer. Waste from people’s daily activities living in dwellings is dumped on the river bank, polluting the river water.

Residential areas near the city do not have a proper toilet, or even if it does not work smoothly, people often use faeces from rivers, ponds or sewers. In the rain, all this dirt goes into rivers or ponds.

Due to poor garbage disposal in slums, people often throw waste into the pond or river waters. In addition to bathing and washing ponds and rivers, it is also used to bathe animals, causing their body dirt to dissolve in water. Clothes are washed, rubbish, faeces and urine are poured, old clothes are destroyed in carcasses, knots, and dirty materials rot and not just occasionally carcasses poured into rivers.

People have polluted rivers, ponds and groundwater. Nor did it leave seawater to contaminate it. Tourists are coming to many seaside resorts, which is why many small settlements have inhabited the sea. The people who live there live by selling various materials to tourists.

These agglomerations do not have toilets, even if they do not function properly, which gives townspeople access to seawater, and household waste and rubbish are also swept into the seawater. Therefore, the seawater is polluted. Due to the development of various technologies, ocean waters are operated by large vessels that carry the movement of passengers and materials from one place to another.

Ships often throw dirt after seawater treatment. Sometimes a vessel sinks accidentally, chemicals, oil, etc., are found in seawater, affecting the health of animals that live there for a long time.

Some organisms die immediately from water pollution and continue to contaminate the water. People also get sick due to the consumption of aquatic organisms in polluted water. Developed countries often throw their dirt and electrical waste into the sea, which pollutes the water badly.

Initially, when technology was not developed, people were compatible with nature and the environment, but due to technological development and industrialization, there was a competition between modern people. Only his selfishness is visible in this race.

He has forgotten that his existence on earth is due to nature and the environment. It is also a significant cause of environmental pollution. Naturally, the death of organisms in the water and the bathing of animals can only contaminate water, but man uses water not only for his own selfishness, swimming and drinking but also for household waste, industrial waste. Is. . Put it on, too.

Farmers use various chemical fertilizers in the fields, so their yield is good; there are no insects in the crop, so pesticides are also sprayed. All of these chemical elements go into ponds and sewers with rainwater and contaminate the water there.

Industry dumps its waste directly into rivers and sewers, and their smoke does not flow properly, causing some of the oily smoke to accumulate as a black layer above the surrounding accumulated water resources and contaminate the water. Is. Is.

Air pollution

Man has polluted the water and polluted the air with his various actions and technical goods. All types of gases in the atmosphere is fixed (amount). There is no particular change in the amount of these gases when there is a balance in nature, but for some reason, a change in the amount of gas causes air pollution.

The effect of air pollution is now visible compared to other pollutants. If the toxic gas dissolves in the air, it immediately shows its effect and kills nearby animals and animals. The Bhopal gas scandal is a direct example of this. Different modes of transport have also evolved due to the development of various technologies.

On the one hand, new modes of transport make transport smooth and flowing; on the other hand, they play an essential role in environmental pollution. Gasoline and diesel are used as fuel among the modes of transport used in cities. Smokes from burning gasoline and diesel pollute the atmosphere.

There is an industry in the era of industrialization. Sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide gases are found in the atmosphere due to chimneys in small and large enterprises. These gases enter rainwater into the ground and form sulfuric acid, which is harmful to the environment and its organisms.

Impure odours from the leather and soap industries pollute the environment in cement, lime, mineral, etc. Too much dust flies and enters the air, which degrades the air. By inhaling a mixture of dust, people who work and live there often suffer from blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory disease, eye disease, and tuberculosis as the chances of the disease increase.

Due to the enormous increase in population, people’s habitat is shrinking day by day, so man is building his habitat to earn a living from deforestation. In cities, liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene are used for cooking, spreading a kind of impurity.

Some people use firewood for wood or coal, which emits too much smoke and mixes with the air. People are destroying places and firewood. Deforestation reduces the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, increases carbon dioxide, and pollutes the air—explosions, ammunition, war, etc., Made in humans using different types of technical equipment.

Due to the explosion, too much dust is added to the atmosphere, which pollutes the air. As a result of the use of weapons and excessive firing, the smell of Ruth spreads into the atmosphere. Currently, people use plastic objects for their convenience and throw them around in a break. Cleaning workers often burn all kinds of waste and plastic, which causes an odour in the atmosphere.

Several types of explosions are performed, and gases are tested to perform new technical experiments. During this time, many types of gas mixed in the atmosphere and pollute it. Excessive emissions of harmful gases lead to acid rain, which is fatal to humans, other living things and agriculture.

Office and Home refrigerators and air conditioners produce chlorofluorocarbons that damage the ozone layer, protecting our skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Extra firecrackers also pollute the air at various parties. Air pollution has a substantial impact on the environment.

Soil Pollution

The earth provides the basis for all living organisms. The pollution is not untouched either. As a result of population growth, a person’s living space is declining, so he is meeting his needs through deforestation. Continuous deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, reduces the amount of oxygen, and weakens the balance of living organisms.

Trees protect the topsoil from blowing through the wind and flowing into the water, making the soil fertile. Continuous felling of the tree increases the chance of the land being rugged and deserted. In this way, deforestation undermines the balance of nature. Changes in the proportion of nature are the leading cause of environmental pollution. Demand for food grains has also increased due to population growth.

Farmers use chemical fertilizers for over-cultivation and spray pesticides to protect the crop from insects and contaminate the land. Groundwater is overused, and debris is scattered here and there. Excessive use of earth minerals in addition to groundwater causes landslides.

Plastic does not decompose as waste. A plant in a place where there is too much of it cannot grow properly, so the soil is contaminated. In the age of technology, modern humans have invented many new weapons so that the enemy can be easily destroyed. Because of these weapons in war, many people are killed on the battlefield and in the surrounding areas, which also pollutes the country.


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Noise Pollution

Noise emissions were not a severe problem in the early stages of the development of human civilization, but as human society evolved and was equipped with modern equipment, noise pollution has become acute and severe. Currently, this pollution plays a vital role in the stress of human life. Loud noise affects our hearing and blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, insomnia, and mental illness.

During industrial development, a wide range of industries has been established in every corner of the country. Noise is polluted by noise from equipment operating in these industries. Different routes, be they waterways, airways or land routes, all make a loud noise. Heavy airway noise from aeroplanes, rockets and helicopters helps increase noise pollution.

Noise from waterways and the noise of engines and horns from land-based vehicles are the leading causes of noise pollution. The sound is transmitted loudly through various entertainment and mass media. Speakers speak to the assembly and send information.

Speakers are also used for public relations campaigns, and information is sent to the public. Advertisers also sometimes advertise their products loudly. The noise is too dull to operate a crusher dug from a bulldozer. Excessive instrument noise during marriage, marriage or religious rituals contaminates the sound. In addition, they cause unnecessary unpleasant and unusable noise pollution.

Pollution Management

To control environmental pollution, population growth must first be stopped so that housing is not overturned. To increase food production, organic fertilizers must be used instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Waste and rubbish must be reused, which saves the country from becoming a garbage dump.

That would be an excuse to clean the dirty water from the factories without emptying them directly into the river. The various modes of transport must be used consciously. The horn must not be used unnecessarily, the engine must be switched off, and the vehicle’s muffler checked regularly to prevent the spread of excessive smoke when it is not needed.

Industrial entrepreneurs must give up their selfishness and raise industrial chimneys, and industry must comply with anti-pollution rules. Violent action must end. The key is to make people aware by providing complete information about the environment; only then can pollution control be found.

For ordinary people to know, they need to provide detailed information on the benefits of the environment and the problems caused by environmental pollution. For people to be aware, they need to make them knowledgeable in a fascinating way through entertainment. All the people of the country must do this work together to save our environment from pollution, which gives us a basis to live. Excessive noise-producing vehicles must be prohibited.

Regardless of the type of contamination, it damages humans and all living organisms and the roots.

Measures to prevent environmental pollution

(pradushan suraksha) The problem of pollution can only be solved by protecting the environment. The word environment consists of a combination of two words – angel and a mantle. The word “pair” means outer, and cover means armour, meaning the environment literally means an outer cover that protects the environment from harmful factors. If we make our environment dangerous, then who will save us?

If we do not eliminate this problem today, nature will take some appalling measures to balance itself, and our people will suffer the terrible consequences of pollution. To avoid corrosion, we need to plant more trees. Inadequate use of natural resources is avoided. We must prevent the use of plastic objects. You don’t have to throw trash in or out.

To save groundwater, efforts must be made to keep rainwater. In addition to petrol, diesel, electricity, we must also look for energy alternatives in other energy sources. The focus is on the use of solar energy and wind energy. Unnecessary and unnecessary votes must be prohibited. New tests and experiments are being carried out in the field of technology.

We need to develop technology that does not cause pollution through traffic. Most importantly, people need to think positively to save our planet and work selflessly to avoid environmental pollution. We must work in our minds to protect ourselves, our families, the land, and the land.