BSNL Broadband Success Might Turn the Luck for Public Telecom

BSNL Broadband Success Might Turn the Luck for Public Telecom

BSNL Broadband:- There are two telecom operators in the country that suffer from the hands of the incumbent and other top-performing telecom operators. One is a private telecom operator, and the other is a public telecom operator.

No other words need to be mentioned, so readers know who we are talking about. But it is also true that every telecommunications has something unique for its subscribers that helps them survive in the industry. For Reliance JIO it’s pricing, while BSNL seems to be disadvantaged because it doesn’t have a 4G network.

But when you look at a wired broadband scenario, the story seems to sing a completely different tone.

BSNL’s recent success in wired broadband

According to official BSNL figures, the public telecom operator added 1.1 million wired subscribers in Kerala and the second largest in Tamil Nadu. It’s no secret that BSNL’s Kerala Circle is the jewel in the crown of a public telecommunications company.

All of BSNL’s most innovative, refreshing, and attractive systems first evolved into the Kerala Circle before finding their way to the rest of the country.

Slightly deviating from this trend, BSNL’s broadband business has found a foothold in almost every corner of the country, where it offers remarkably similar plans competing with Reliance JIO You Broadband, and Tata Sky.

Therefore, we see a broad division between mobile phones and wired broadband services.
BSNL’s extensive network, which extends to the corner of the country, will also help expand these FTTH broadband services to the most remote locations.

The pandemic has already led to data demand and people’s need for a stable wired connection.
BSNL has found a catalyst for this demand and struck a nail in hot iron.

BSNL Broadband bundles OTT orders

BSNL’s last nail in the coffin was perhaps the inclusion of OTT subscriptions in the plans.

First, BSNL slowly began to increase its speed and then began to increase OTT subscriptions. Which now includes Disney + and Hotstar Premium.

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It should be noted that while most packaged Hotstar subscriptions are VIP subscriptions and not Premium subscriptions, there is quite a price difference between VIP and Premium Hotstar subscriptions.

This makes the RS 999 and 1,499 BSNL broadband plans a desirable option.
This new turn shows that what BSNL may be missing from the 4G front can offset broadband revenues. Of course, the public telecom operator still has a long way to go.

But combined with government incentives, good intentions, leadership, and such attractive plans, BSNL can turn its assets back into control of the industry.

Perhaps a practical transfer to a public telecommunications operator can be bundled in advance, and BSNL FTTH offers customers discounts in one package, as in the case of Airtel Black.