Players Create The Taj Mahal In Minecraft

Players Create The Taj Mahal In Minecraft

Taj Mahal In Minecraft:- Using his creativity in the middle of covid-19, YouTube builds a virus to build a copy of the The Taj Mahal In Minecraft video game. The image was uploaded to Reddit in a 1: 1 ratio, and creator Youtuber PippenFTS is working to drag the entire planet under the Build the Earth (BTE).

The blogger launched the initiative last March to get people to kill pandemic blues and encourage them to build dozens and hundreds of beautiful cities, monuments, popular programs like the Game of Thrones, and so on.

Creativity of gamers The Taj Mahal In Minecraft

However, the ultimate task of copying the entire globe could be a mammoth. Speaking to reporters, however, YouTube has said the task is not very impossible, as the land area is about 500 million square kilometers.

In comparison, Minecraft covers an area of ​​4 billion square kilometers. That’s why you can place the game on eight entire planets if you try, says Indian Express.

Daniel Tan, a Minecraft builder in Tadaj, explained the details of building the monument. Since the Seventh Wonder World was not re-created in the game, he considered it one of the landmarks.

The 42-acre monument was not easy to create for Tan because the monument is not fully depicted on Google Maps and has several distortions. “I had to measure everything myself to find out how big the complex and buildings are,”

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says a Malaysian architect who never saw a tadja in real life but only got proportions through a Google map, Google images and other sources. The creation took three months, which he completed in December last year.

In addition to the Taj Mahal, the game has been repeated elsewhere in India, such as in Mumbai, Bangalore and Varanas, and manufacturers have revealed that they have bigger plans for Mumbai, IE says.

The community has gathered more than 200,000 members over the past year.