Multiverse Of Madness dr strange vs evil doctor strange new trailer

Multiverse Of Madness

The Doctor Strange new trailer for Multiverse of Madness re-introduces us to many of a good doctor’s old friends and enemies – like Wong and Baron Mordo – and even new ones like Scarlet Witch and America Chavez. But it also doesn’t apply to villains.

Does Dr Strange again seem to be facing his arrogance or perhaps his shame for another universe? In the trailer, Stephen Strange encounters face-to-face what appears to be an evil version of himself.

Some wonder if we haven’t seen this Doctor Strange in an unlikely place before: What if … ?, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first canonical animated series. But does this connection last in terms of weight?

Multiverse Of Madness dr strange vs evil doctor strange who will win ?

Dr strange vs evil doctor strange

An alternative version of Doctor Strange appeared in three. What if …? “What if … Dr Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?” “What if … Ultron wins?” and “What if … The guard breaks his oath?”

In his home universe, Stephen Strange never accepted the death of Dr Christine Palmer, and he became obsessed with resurrecting him in any way necessary.

This Doctor Strange Supreme began to gather strength by absorbing the energy of magical beings, becoming more perverted and perverted with each abduction – eventually breaking the laws of reality to bring Palmer to life in horror, causing the destruction of his home universe.


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However, he would not remain in that shattered cosmos forever.

When Watcher needed his help to defeat the version of Ultron that threatened the entire multiverse, Strange Supreme responded to the call and rose to become the leader of the Multiverse Guards.

When we last saw him, he promised to take care of the last fragment of his home universe, which now served as a prison for alternative versions of Killmonger, Ultron, and Arnim Zola, who fought forever against the Infinity Stones.

Without iron doctor can handles the supreme responsibility Multiverse Of Madness ?

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It’s natural to think that if there’s already an Evil Doctor Strange in the MCU multiverse, he’s the one who has appeared in the Doctor Strange trailer in the Madness multiverse.

However, none of the Marvel has yet confirmed the connection. Most of the time, we have come to borrow What if …? director Bryan Andrews, where he said the people behind the Multiverse of Madness looked at their malicious version of the character.

“And maybe they were a little inspired,” he told The Virgo. “I want to think they were.”

The Multiverse of Madness may pick up the thread. What if …? started – it may even be likely! But there are also many worlds in the multiverse, and there may be more than one Evil Doctor Strange. The infinite multiverse guarantees it pretty much.

But regardless of whether the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness’s Evil is the same as What if … ?, the trailer still has a new Doctor Strange villain with a previous history.

Shuma-Gorath is coming are excited for this ?

Shuma-Gorath, a mid-eyed tentacle monster, throws a bus at the camera in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness.

Yes, that tentacle boy fighting Doctor Strange on the streets of Manhattan is none other than Shuma-Gorath.

Of all the people, like Cthulhu in the Marvel Comics universe, he is definitely one of them. His background story is your usual Lovecraft mythology:

The ancients who transcended the understanding of mortals who came to earth and ruled primitive man before fleeing to alternative dimensions for thousands of years waiting for their frightening return.

His most significant role in Dr Strange’s history is that he captured the ancient mind and forced Strange to execute his teacher to save the world.

His most significant role outside of Marvel Comics may be that he has been included as a playable character in several of Capcom’s Marvel fighting games.

According to Capcom’s Takeshi Tezuka, his team specifically asked Shuma-Gorathia from Marvel Entertainment.

“Marvel Comics had very little visibility and reputation in Japan at the time,” he told Polygon, “and that’s why I remember that when we tried to choose the characters to include in the game, we wanted characters that Japanese players could easily identify with.”

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will arrive in theatres on May 6, 2022.