best movies to watch on christmas Black Christmas

Movies To Watch On Christmas

Movies To Watch On Christmas Hawthorne College is quiet throughout your stay. An unknown stalker kills one by one girl on campus.

But the murderer finds that the young women of this generation don’t want to be unfortunate victims when they start fighting to the end.

Review of Black Christmas (2019 Movie)

A hooded character kills a student girl. It’s Hawthorne College. Mu Kappa Epsilon’s girls are on the warpath against a frat on campus.

Sad sister Riley Stone (Imogen Poots) accuses brat leader Brian Huntley of rape, but authorities do not prosecute her.


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Kris assembles the girls to expel sexist professor Gelson (Cary Elwes) after successfully defeating university founder Calvin Hawthorn, who is rumoured to do black magic.

Riley slides to her friends and spies on hooded boys performing a ritual with Hawthorn’s bust.

I have no problem dealing with the story of social justice. The original is good, but it’s not one of the greatest horror classics.

I have a problem with poorly drawn one-dimensional characters. This movie is full of them. I’m still willing to accept them; they’ll do stupid and absurd things unless the situation hits the fan.

There is no reason why girls should not go to the police. Everything culminates in a silly final battle. The last performance is poorly designed and poorly executed.

I also thought he would use a snow shovel to prevent the arrow from shooting. It would have been so much better.