Nora Fatehi get positive Covid-19 test

Nora Fatehi Get Positive Covid-19 Test

Nora Fatehi is the latest Bollywood celebrity who passed the positive Covid-19 test. On social media, the actor had shared, “Hey guys, unfortunately, I’m currently fighting Covid …

It’s hit me badly! I’ve been in bed under medical supervision for a few days.


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Stay safe, wear masks; it will spread quickly and may affect” Otherwise! Unfortunately, I have reacted badly to this, and this can happen to anyone, be careful! I am currently working on recovery because it matters now.

Nothing is more important than your health! Be careful; stay safe. “

A statement from his team reads: “On behalf of Nora Fateh, her representative wishes to report that Nora Fatehi was found to be Covid-positive on December 28.

Nora has been quarantined under medical supervision following the protocol. Since then, she has worked with BMC on safety and regulations.

His team also clarified that the actor has not stepped out since the positive test and the images spread on social media are from an older event.

“Similarly, yesterday’s moving score is from the previous event in the past, and Nora has not intervened recently. We, therefore, ask that the old images be ignored,” the statement says.