How To Pair AMAZFIT GTS MIni With Android Phone

How To Pair AMAZFIT GTS MIni With Android Phone

When it comes in front of me have I made for the gts too many and I’m gonna show
you How To Pair AMAZFIT GTS MIni With Android Phone.

First, you need to turn on the watch you can do it by pressing
and holding the side button once you turn on the watch you should see the QR code on
the screen now when you to Donald and as told the zip application on the phone to
do it let’s open.


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google play store in the store top on the search bar type in zipping and then topped the search

you should see this up on the listed zip developed by a huge army selected

cute top on the install button and wants the up as done installing you can tap
on open right here to open it on your font

and the up when you plug in into an account and you can

also, create a new account if you need to by tapping on create an account now

you can also use the fact party account if you want to by tapping
right here and can select
one of the options i already have an account some gonna that pride here
typing that email address

then give me a couple of seconds on the got to type my password

once you’ve done top on sign and

once you again top on got it

now we need to allow permission for the location

for the location access

you can also deny it but I believe if you deny they won’t be able to a party
devices are gonna top on a while he’s in the up

now we can allow or the nice on more permissions we can do whatever you want
I’m gonna allow them by you can also nine and

it’s gonna be direct us to the location permission again because for some is in the apple
wants us to use the allow all the time but if you don’t want to just

and also the up with the want to them on the book of it and that will allow to turn on the boot of into included with of a standoff and here

you can also use the incoming call future

it and for that future, you need to enable didn’t have to step

permission and you can either consulate or top and go to settings up on go to settings it’s
gonna be direct you to this page give you can find the zip up selected

and then enable the

option by tapping the switch

and then you can go back to the up

and now you should see the homepage of these up up

once you’re on the homepage stop on the profile icon

here if it’s your first time you won’t have any devices as you can see i told have
haven’t the one device but that’s a different watch
and that removes it for a

so let’s go back on a parrot on pair pair

so if you don’t have any device you will have this big device but if you have a device
already you will see the start button right here it’s gonna be right here in the cabinet corner of the border

anyway let’s stop on the up device

again it’s going to ask us to allow permission for of that of the
the time it’s quite a process than about that

select your watch category

now it’s asking us for permission into it

they kept access and you could video you can allow it

if you want to scan the QR code

and so on going that upon while using the up and now we have two categories what with qr
code and without QR code i watch classic you are caught up on the screen and yet that select the watch with you are called

and now we need this of the go QR code with our focus on when you to pick up
a phone directed to your workout

come out of course

and it’s going to stop putting the devices

now we need to confirm the putting by tapping on to check mark on the watch and after

why you should see the hair the device pays for you and amazing for the gts too many as you can see

of course, it wants has done updating the GPS you will be able to go for the
setting right here right now there

okay great out you can’t do anything but after a couple of seconds

or maybe a little more this is gonna be done updating and then you’ll be able to use
the up and of cause they watch has already functional you can use it if you want

so let’s wait until it’s done up they doing

for some reason, it doesn’t

one two

I’ll get if it doesn’t want to update then it does

no the way to because I don’t know how long will it take but anyway if it’s done updating you’ll
be able to use the up us for now I can’t because for some reason the GPS doesn’t want to update

and it basically that’s how you put their watch with your fault.