Telugu Letters & Alphabet 2023

తెలుగు అక్షరమాల (లేదా) వర్ణమాల
Aksharamaala (or) Varnamaala in Telugu Letters

Telugu alphabets are a part of the asksharamaala set. In Telugu, vowels and consonants are present just as they are in English alphabets. Some letters were used in the past, but their use has wholly vanished. The Telugu script now has 60 symbols, including 41 consonants, 16 vowels, and three vowel modifiers. Telugu contains a comprehensive set of letters that follow a system to express sounds.

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Here is The list of Telugu Letters & Alphabet now has 60 symbols, including 41 consonants, 16 vowels, and 3 vowel modifiers.

Vowels — Acchulu — అచ్చులు ( ch is like in ‘Chart)

Consonants — Hallulu — హల్లులు

Vowels — Acchulu — అచ్చులు

a — అ — as in come

aa/â — ఆ — as in far

i- ఇ — as in bit

ee/î —  — as in feel

u — ఉ — as in could

uu/û — ఊ — as i ncool

ru —  — as i nrupee

roo/rû — ఋూ — as in root

e —  — as i nget

ê/ye — ఏ — as in stake

ai/ay — ఐ — as in might

o — ఒ — as in rotate

oo — ఓ — as in oat

Au —  — as in out

Aum — అం

Ahaa — అః

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The superscript “a” stands for “and has the same pronunciation as the subscript “come”: “o.” For all other vowels, the same pattern holds.

Long vowels, like, are indicated by the letters “,” “â,” or “aa.”

When ” is combined with other letters to form a word, it is always pronounced as ru. Otherwise, it is also pronounced as “Aru” when spoken as a single letter (Aru is the precise one).

Saying the letters out loud will help you perfect your pronunciation.