Honest Review of Brahmastra Spoiler alert

Honest Review of Brahmastra Spoiler alert

Review of Brahmastra

Spoiler alert, man look if you haven’t seen the Brahmastra movie yet then you should show it otherwise if you are reading this article then there is a lot of possibility of getting a Spoiler in this article.

I have seen that too and I will now tell you what happened in the Brahmastra movie and what is its story, how good it is and how it should be seen, what things should be taken care of.

Non-movie starts with Shahrukh Khan Yes, Shahrukh Khan has not named anywhere in this movie when the promotion of this movie started, 

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Shahrukh Khan has such a weapon, its name remains, and he is coming. I am going to edit the video of the video at the bottom of this article, in which you can see how Shahrukh Khan will fight and die and he gives a piece of a Brahmastra which he has to the demons whose name is joonoon.

It happens and after this, its name is Nagarjuna our hero, whoever has it, he is going to snatch the piece of Brahmastra but he also dies and whatever happens, 

he takes it and goes to Amitabh Bachchan and he has it. make use of. So whoever Shiva is, he is able to stop Brahmastra only by using love, 

he is able to control his powers, man, everything is fine in this movie, he has been put very well, but one thing that remains a problem in this, 

Review of Brahmastra | Will Brahmastra be a hit?

who is this stop Honest article, in this, I am telling you that the problem with this too is that the angle of love story given by these people has increased a bit in this movie, due to which people get bored at some point in time. 

And everything is fine in the society and you guys will know how he washes how he tries to get you Brahmastra in the coming time that Brahmastra has stopped pacifying his powers after the fire in the last and he Will see what happens next.

How much Brahmastra earn on first day?

Brahmastra’s first day (Friday) box office haul in Hindi was about 31 crore and 4.5 crore in other Indian languages.

According to Box Office India, the all-India day one total of 35.75 crore makes it the most fantastic opening day ever for a non-holiday original Hindi film.